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My Candidate is firming Trump supporters.

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    WWJD. Excellent analogy. It seems some mechanism ought to be in place to prevent this scenario from repeating.

    But I'd bet there are already rules and policies already in place drafted to prevent cheating. So what has happened?

    I can draw from my own life experience to reach conclusions. Perhaps these sorts of events come under the heading of "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry".

    In this country, we often have rights and policies that are intended to provide fair and balanced outcomes. These policies often spell out the disparity and wrongful conduct that is supposed to be prevented as provided by the rules of the policy. We can point to these policies and laws as insurance that we are protected from wrongful conduct. Policies and best practices provide a sense of peace in society. but how often are formal policies and best practices tested and their efficacy proven?

    In America and many corporate setting we know we have rights and protections...yes we do...right up until the time that we claim these rights...and that is where we find out where we really stand.

    Usually, the corporation or entity that has violated or denied our rights, denies, minimizes, and takes an adversarial retaliatory stance. That's often the end of it if you want to keep your job. But if you wish to pursue your rights, then your case may be turned over to some more formal, authoritative branch of the corporation or entity.

    Really they want you to go away. You are exposing the fallacy of their corporate operating policies and practices.

    If you wish to further pursue your rights, then your next move is into the legal arena. Most people do not have the money to hire a dream team of experts and investigators. Usually, your only option, if any, is to hire Joe the lawyer with a small office somewhere in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the corporation has a "seal team" of lawyers who specialize in dismantling any challenges to the company and smashing the little guy. If you are lucky(?) they may offer a settlement to make you go away.

    Occasionally, one of the big agencies/entities will take on your case. From a layman's viewpoint such as mine, I note that the "big time protect the people" entities rarely will take your case. They look for "Showcase" scenarios. Cases that will highlight their agency, that may generate positive press, that demonstrates the necessity and potency of their existence.

    Again I summarize that in America, we have many rights and rules that ensure that justice prevails... we have these rights and protections right up until the time we try and implement them in tangible reality.