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similarities are striking

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    Anyone familiar with human history would agree that history always repeat itself.

    For example, someone familiar with NAZI Germany's history can only conclude that the similarities between that fascist, militaristic government and that fascist, militaristic oligarchy in Washington DC during the past 3 generations are strikingly similar in their approach to dealing with other nations.

    That approach is simple; do what we want or we will bomb you into oblivion or sanction you into mass starvation which means sanctions are also war crimes.

    One does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the mentality of a nation totally unconcerned about morality and indulges in every form of mass murder and the destruction of another countries resources to promote fear and terror and both NAZI Germany and that militaristic Oligarchy in Washington DC have proved how accomplished and skillful both countries have been in achieving these goals.