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fàg mo scotch leis fhèin

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    We've recently had some discussions about Trump's Turnberry resort in Scotland - specifically how he is forcing the Air Force to refuel at an airport close to his resort, rather than a cheaper military base else, thereby enrichening both the little airport AND his resort.

    When Trump first bought the resort, he fought the windmills going up offshore - and he lost the lawsuit. The Scot who fought the hardest for the windmills was a young guy who Glenfiddich whiskey named "Scot of the Year". When Trump read that , he banned Glenfiddich from his resort. When I read THAT, I immediately switched my brand of scotch from Johnnie Walker to Glenfiddich.

    This morning, I got this note from Johnie Walker:


    As you're a loyal Scotch drinker, we thought you'd want to know some news impacting Johnnie Walker.

    The recent trade dispute between the U.S. and the EU regarding airline subsidies has already had a big effect on the price of many imported beverages. Now, the U.S. is considering adding blended Scotch to the list, potentially increasing prices by up to 100%.

    It is completely unfair that the price of your favorite drink could double over a dispute that has nothing to do with Scotch. Thankfully, you and our half a million Scotch drinkers have the power to make a real difference.

    By clicking below, you can instantly send a message to the U.S. administration asking them not to place tariffs on Scotch.


    The post subject, which is written in Scottish Gaelic, says this: "leave my scotch alone!

    Speaking of Scotland, the skit that SNL did last year about a Scottish air traffic controller is HYSTERICAL!

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    If Scotch was our only problem then I would be joyful. More booze than brains in this country; that is how we eradicated the Indians.