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Bloomberg's Super Bowl Ad on America's Gun Epidemic

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    Mike Bloomberg released his highly anticipated Super Bowl ad and instead of trolling Donald or touting his economic record as New York City Mayor he is airing a heartbreaking 60-second ad about the travesty of gun violence and his record of taking on the gun lobby.

    The ad tells the story of George Kemp Jr., a twenty year old with aspirations to play in the NFL who was shot and killed in 2013, through the eyes of his mother Calandrian Simpson Kemp. She spent the first 30-seconds of the ad telling George's story before pivoting to advocating for Bloomberg's Presidential run, saying that she "know[s] Mike is not afraid of the gun lobby. They’re scared of him, and they should be.”

    Bloomberg's decision to take such a highly controversial issue head on during the most watched event in the country is bold, to say the least, but I think the pro's far outweigh the con's for him from a purely political perspective. Gun control is consistently ranked as the most bipartisan issue in the United States, with 60% of Americans calling for the government to enact new gun control laws.

    It'll be interesting to see if the ad has any effect on his chances in the 2020 Presidential race. Recent polls show Bloomberg catapulting into fourth place behind Sanders, Biden and Warren. And that's before 100 million people tune in to the big game on Sunday.

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    Keep your barf bucket handy. Trump will be airing TWO ads during the Superbowl on Sunday. Here's the first one:

    “Just as the Super Bowl crowns the greatest football team, nothing says ‘winning’ like President Donald Trump and his stellar record of accomplishment for all Americans,” Brad Parscale, Trump 2020′s campaign manager, said in a statement.

    He isn't releasing the second ad before the game.

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    Bloomberg, he pronounces his name like Blumberg, whatever, can a person who switched parties twice be trusted? Hmmm, IDK man. I watch Judge Judy about 2-3 times a week, sometimes she turns my stomach, she has endorsed Blumberg. He marginalized Iowa, his right to run a campaign as he feels. Notice how gun control advocates are silent? Nobody touching the subject? Until the next mass shooting occurs... we were recently on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook killings. MSM touched on it briefly. As long as the GOP has a majority in congress (senate), don't expect to see any gun control legislation considered.