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the Bible tells me so

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    We have often discussed the damage that has been done to this country by the religious right. The best example of that is the fact that Trump has 27 spiritual advisers - and most of them are pretty wacky people.

    Roughly 30% of the American population believes that the Bible is literally true, and I'm pretty sure that 100% ot Trump's spiritual advisers would agree. However, if you take my Bible literacy quiz (see below) you'll discover that it's virtually impossible for the Bible to be 100% accurate.

    However, as much as I think it's silly to read the Bible, at least our constitution gives us the option.

    That's not true in China.

    One of my friends from Chicago has been a missionary in China for more than 15 years, and he still goes there a couple of times a year, even though he is roughly 75 years old.

    His newsletter that came in the mail yesterday contained some disturbing news:

    He said that starting from April 2018, the Chinese government banned the sale of Bibles and other religious materials that are not sanctioned by the regime and started closing down stores that sell them. Since then, people of faith can purchase religious texts only from state-run organizations, while censorship measures are tightened on religious texts as part of the nationwide campaign to “eradicate illegal publications.”

    From another source we have learned China’s totalitarian government has put into effect new rules on December 30th that will place virtually all aspects of religious life under the control of the Communist Party. These rules go into force on February 1st and come as part of the growing crackdown on religion. Under the new rules, all religious organizations will be required to obey and promote Communist Party values and China’s President Xi Jinping. Churches will be expected to “spread the principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party” and indoctrinate all “religious staff and religious citizens to support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.”

    Scripture postings have been forcibly removed from the walls of many churches and replaced with portraits of President Xi or the national flag.

    Similar rules hear would require all religious organizations to preach the "gospel" of the Republican Party.

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    People here totally forget who wrote "bibles"; sorry but it was n't little "green" monsters from Mars or any other planet, let alone from "heaven" which no one ever has located. Thus ONLY the people who could write and were living in the middle east wrote it. Since these people were very scared of the unknown and of course the uneducated masses did not doubt the few people who learned to write, then they could use that invention to manipulate the people of those days. Since we now live in other times and pretty much more is known via technology and the human behavior as well space travel and research, then people nowadays should know better that such books can't be taken serious, maybe with the exception of some of the "historic mentions" which also can become skewed over time if not any of it can be proven. Like the Adam and Eve and Noah/ Moses stories are indeed pure fantasy. Therefore judge it only as an historic document without any "religious" purpose. Amen