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The Kushner/Trump Middle East "Giveaway Plan"

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    Robin Wright, The New Yorker, January 29, 2020: Trump Unveils the “Giveaway of the Century” on Middle East Peace

    Trump has unveiled his Middle East Peace Plan orchestrated by Jared Kushner. Trump refers to it as “the last opportunity” for a Palestinian state. Yet it has zero support from the Palestinians and most Arab countries. The plan does call for a two-state solution, but that is a name only.

    It basically grants Israel everything it wants on settlements, borders, security, Jerusalem, and refugees. It gives Israel "the right to annex parts of the West Bank that it now occupies, significantly reducing and further dividing Palestinian territory. It gets control of Jerusalem as its “undivided” capital. And it will assume security control over the entire West Bank, the Jordan River Valley, and Jerusalem. The Palestinians will be left with a proto-state that is physically divided, economically challenged, and possibly not viable as a modern country. Trump’s plan also lacks diplomatic energy—with no formal mechanism to get the two sides together—or any sense of urgency, since it offers a vague four-year window for the Palestinians to complete a long list of preconditions just to talk with Israel."

    "Netanyahu called the Trump plan “the deal of the century.”

    This should be an outright embarrassment for the United States. It's been referred to as the "Giveaway of the Century" and "apartheid on steroids". Trump rolled out the plan in the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House East Room, during a noon break in the impeachment hearings so TV media (Fox News) could cover it. Netanyahu praised the plan as a "brilliant proposal" as a “realistic path to a durable peace.” But no Palestinians were present.

    No matter. This is another Trump "promise kept" that he can brag about. Just don't tell that to the Palestinians.

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    Guess how "wars" start. These brainless religious idiots in this country, have no idea about the middle east. That whole area is poisoned by all kinds of religions dating back to the stone age. "New" countries (only 250 years old) like the "island" called US, should have learned not to meddle in it, but love to do it, but still have no clue about the consequences. It has been in turmoil forever; why poke your stupid nose into it? The total naive ignorant Trump family keeps playing with fire and invites "criminals" like Nethanyahu to the W.H. thinking they can "score", but have no idea at all once "religion is involved that things can blow up. Sorry, Trump, Kussner, Pence and Pompeo, are brainless "religious" idiots, who will make sure the middle east ends up in flames, just for a few votes (and donations) of the nutty clergy. Amen