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How bad is the coronavirus?

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    Regardless of the Biden effort, at least 45% of the Republicans don't want an "injection" so that helps to not achieve "immunity" for all. Then you have the idiots at Fox etc. who promote no injections. On top of that the "churches" take the side of the Republicans, so the picture is complete. Since colored people likely are more the victims, than the "whites" think they can retain or improve their "power" over the people. All of this is an game played over the lives of innocent people just to gain "power. This power play has gone on for centuries here, because of the enormous melting pot of people immigrated from everywhere in the world, because the "whites" claimed this country for themselves first..

    However the "slave" owners mentality is still what drives things here and they still want retain their "power" regardless of any situation. The stupid British inherited system helps them achieve their goal in an big way (2 parties only, thinking totally opposite), forgetting that at a certain point this can't be maintained, if the colored masses have gotten the majority in this country, which is jut about now the case . In this country the "idiots" rise to the top, because of the lousy system without strict laws and NO limits on anything, but only dealing with an zillion partisan lawyers who are there only for the "money", then success is assured for the lawyers to enrich themselves. What a country!

    So in my mind nothing can be done to improve the governing here unless the "middle" of the electorate is covered by multiple parties as is the case in Europe. An far apart "two" party system is bound to fail, if there is no "middle" ground. Amen

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    As of this morning, the United States has had 590,733 deaths. Despite the success of mass vaccinations, we still had 1641 new cases yesterday - and some of those were in Aizona.

    India, of course, is the new hot spot, with 65,000 new cases YESTERDAY.

    Not everyone in America is concerned about the virus.

    LA CROSSE, WIS. — A priest in La Crosse has been ignoring COVID-19 gathering restrictions at his masses while warning people that vaccines are useless and anyone who imposes virus-related protocols will burn in the "lowest, hottest levels" of hell.

    The La Crosse Tribune reported April 25 that it had obtained a photo of Fr. James Altman presiding over a crowded Easter service at St. James the Less Catholic Church. The picture shows at least 50 people crowded into the first five rows of pews. They don't appear to be wearing masks.

    The photo was a screenshot from a video of the service that shows about 170 parishioners walking up to receive communion, many of whom accepted the wafer by mouth. Few wore masks.

    The Tribune also obtained a page from a St. James church bulletin calling vaccines "an experimental use of a genetic altering substance that modifies your body — your temple of the Holy Spirit." The bulletin goes on to warn readers that it's "diabolical" for anyone to shame or compel someone into getting a shot and making "you nothing other than a guinea pig."

    "If the Injection actually worked, no one who actually took it would have cause for fearing anyone who did not. They would be 'safe' even if you coughed in their face. Therefore, their use of peer pressure to force you into Godless conformity is damnable," the bulletin said. "God is still the best doctor and prayer is still the best medicine," the bulletin said.

    The Tribune noted that another video of a Palm Sunday Mass earlier this year shows Altman railing about COVID-19 protocols, calling them "godless" and "Nazi-esque controls."

    Altman came under fire last fall for calling Democrats godless and warning they would go to hell if they don't repent.

    People like Fr. Altman is one of the reasons that the Catholic church is losing membership.

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    Sure, no one has never seen or met an "ghostly" human created God", who also created the "virus" if you follow this doctrine. Thank you "God"! Yes this must be an "paradise" la la land with lots of idiots roaming around freely. I guess we need more "mental institutions" with straightjackets for sure. I hope Biden adds such to his "budget". Since "God" is still the best doctor, then how come the world has seen "plaque" after "plague" through the centuries killing millions of people let alone the Covid, ask India where they have another "God" thing; I guess "God" also created lots of greedy Catholics and non tax paying gold plated churches. Sorry people, don't trust men in women's dresses with pointed hats, (like the "clan").

    "Up there", if you ever get up "there"; even if you would have an "floating naked? soul", without any "substance" and identification. No x-ray has ever seen an soul, which is able to fly to "outer space" (where? Jupiter or Mars?) without rocket fuel and GPS, what does an vintage robe or pointed hat help you? The Catholic church is the most laughable of them all.