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How bad is the coronavirus?

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    I still hope Trump gets the virus, but then the "real" thing is ; there will be still enough idiots in the Senate and House who still kiss Trump's ass even if he's not around. I guess an Gaetz and Jordan and others still stick as glue to their "weird" world they live in, as well as the "easy to bribe" women from Maine and Alaska. So not much will change. Trump will be consoled by ass kissers all over including Pence. So don't worry, nothing is going to change neither the "debt" The only change will be "peace" on the Twitter front, but much more "noise" from FOX and Sinclair. I guess Murdoch is getting too old to care and let them loose.
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    Biden just announced his coronavirus task force, and it is a VERY impressive list.

    Trump's task force included notable experts (?) Jared Kushner and Mike Pence, which is why we now have 250,000 dead people.

    "It is what it is".

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    I'm afraid Biden will think an "ghost" up there will fix it as well an long dead sheep herder out of the middle east. But yeah Rome will ask him to contribute more money for the snake oil they spew. Amen
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    According to the Associated Press, Texas became the first state to have 1,000,000 cases. However, if you scroll through the data in the link below, you'll notice that California is very close to the number in Texas.

    One key difference, though, is that California has a much lower number of deaths per 100,000 population. California had at least 25 per 100,000, but Texas had at least 50 cases per 100,000 of population. If you dig deeper, you'll notice that exactly half the states in the country (red and blue) have more than 50 deaths per 100,000 of population. The only state that has fewer than 10 deaths per 100,000 of population is Vermont. If you change the view to cases per 100,000, nearly every state in the country has more than 2500 per 100,000 of population.

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    As you are aware, Pfizer developed the vaccine without ANY help from the government. Naturally, Trump is trying to take credit for it. This came in my email today:


    As I have long said, the success of a coronavirus vaccine would only be announced after the Election.

    Pfizer and the others probably didn’t have the courage to make this HISTORIC announcement before November 3rd, because they hoped it would keep me from WINNING BIG.

    The truth is, if Joe Biden were President, you wouldn’t have the vaccine for another four years, nor would the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have ever approved it so quickly.

    The bureaucracy would have destroyed millions of lives!

    All of this, and so much more, is what is at stake right now, Thomas. The Left is trying to STEAL this Election and RUIN all of our incredible progress.

    You’ve always been one of my most loyal supporters, which is why I’m coming to you NOW.

    Please contribute $5 IMMEDIATELY to FIGHT for your Country and to increase your impact by 1000%. >>


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    I need you right now, Thomas.

    My team has been working around the clock to quickly and safely deliver a vaccine to the American People. We cannot let the Democrats DESTROY everything we’ve accomplished.

    Contribute $5 TODAY to PROTECT America and to increase your impact by 1000%.

    Thank you,

    President Trump Signature Headshot

    Donald J. Trump
    President of the United States

    CONTRIBUTE $5 = $55

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    And you think this is an "normal" country? Please bring 500 barf buckets. and plenty of nose wipes.
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    Yes I went to Trump's campaign website and he's raising money. He's supporters are the most gullible in the world. As the Covid-19 pandemic is reaching dire situations in states like Wisconsin, Trump remains holed up in the White House tweeting about election fraud and firing people to get back at them for whatever. Pence, the head of Trump's Covid-19 task force, went off on vacation...maybe to pray away the pandemic. There is a word I used before: kakistocracy -- "government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state".

    Meanwhile members of Biden's Covid-19 advisory board are having interviews on TV and asking the public to wear masks and social distancing. They are taking matters into their own hands while Trumps people refuse to meet with any of them...on Trump's orders. Trump is wallowing in hate now looking at how he can sabotage the Biden presidency. And he will have "think a like" company with Mitch McConnell.

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    One day after Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged Chicago residents to stay home for the next month, suburban Cook County is doing the same.

    The suburban advisory, similar to the city’s version, goes into effect on Monday and lasts for 30 days. Both of the notices stop short of a mandatory stay-at-home order because they are intended to be a final attempt at curbing the coronavirus' recent resurgence before more drastic measures are taken.

    Lightfoot also is imposing a 10-person limit on weddings, birthday parties, funerals and some social events in Chicago starting Monday morning.

    Also on Thursday, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker warned that he may again put in place some form of a “mandatory” stay-at-home order, the farthest-reaching restriction to curb the spread of COVID-19 he’s used.

    The warnings came as Illinois health officials Thursday announced 12,702 new known confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19, topping the record set a day earlier. It was the third day in a row with a new daily record for cases in Illinois. Officials also reported 43 additional confirmed deaths, bringing the total number of known infections in Illinois to 536,542 and the statewide death toll to 10,477.

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    Record numbers daily. My wife works as a clerk, the mandate to wear masks means nothing to store patrons, they are ignoring all safeguards. They are ignorant. Possibly stupid too.
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    While the White House appears to have given up addressing the spikes that are leaving hospitals overwhelmed and the economy faltering, today Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, a Trump appointee, warned Congress that it must pass a coronavirus relief package or see even worse damage. To Republicans who insist there is no need for such relief, he responded, “The risk of overdoing it is less than the risk of underdoing it.” Powell encouraged aid to state and local governments, hard hit by the pandemic, noting they are some of the country’s largest employers. Because most cannot borrow to make up for their lost tax revenues, without relief they will have to lay people off, thus worsening the recession.

    In May, Democrats passed a $3 trillion relief package but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to take it up. The Senate began to work on its own package in mid-July, just before federal unemployment benefits ran out, but McConnell could not bring his caucus together behind anything. So he turned his back on negotiations, leaving Democrats to negotiate with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who held to a $1 trillion limit. The Democrats offered to split the difference and agree to a $2 trillion compromise. The Republicans refused.

    In September, McConnell offered a $500 billion bill that has the key measure he wants: a liability shield for businesses whose employees contract coronavirus at work. When the Democrats refused it, he accused them of partisanship.

    Then, today, news emerged that a bipartisan group of lawmakers had tried to hammer together a stopgap relief measure of about $908 billion to rescue small businesses, the unemployed, and other hard-hit parts of the economy.

    As soon as news broke of the new bipartisan bill, McConnell shot it down. Instead, he will insert exactly what he wants into the upcoming government funding bill, which Congress must pass by December 11 or face a government shutdown. This forces Democrats either to do what he wants or to shut down the government, a solution that is usually political poison.

    McConnell’s new plan has no state and local aid and only one month of jobless aid, but it has liability protection for businesses.

    Biden hopes to initiate a sweeping economic relief and stimulus package immediately upon taking office. The upcoming elections in Georgia will be the difference between the fate of a new coronavirus bill, which McConnell can essentially dictate, and a tied Senate, where McConnell will have to negotiate.

    Our death total as of this morning is 277,021. Total cases is 14,113,667, by far the worst in the world. In comparison, China has had 86,551 cases, and 4,634 deaths, and the country has 4 times as many people as we do. Although considerably smaller than the United States, New Zealand's death rate of 5 per 1,000,000 of population is MUCH better than our ratio, which is 835 per 1,000,000 of population because they took the virus seriously when it first emerged.

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    Heather Cox Richardson published anther lengthy letter last night, and most of it was related to the coronaviris

    Taken as a whole, it highlights the degree of corruption in the Trump administration.

    Today the New York Times broke the story that, before it was clear that Pfizer’s vaccine would be effective, its leadership offered to the Trump administration the chance to order more than the 100 million doses to which it had committed. (Since each person requires two doses, this amount can vaccinate about 50 million people.) The administration declined, apparently because the U.S. invested in a number of vaccine companies including Moderna, whose vaccine appears as if it will be ready right behind that of Pfizer. But when Pfizer approached the European Union after the U.S. declined, its officials jumped on the chance to order the additional units, and now the E.U. has twice the Pfizer vaccine that the U.S. does. The company says it will not have more vaccines available for purchase until next June or July.

    The Trump administration delayed transmitting information to the Biden team about the plan for distribution of the vaccine to 331 million Americans, but once he did get briefings, Biden expressed concern at the apparent lack of a plan for vaccine distribution.

    Trump is now trying to arrange a summit about the vaccine on Tuesday with experts who will explain the plans for distribution. This, the administration hopes, will give the public confidence in the vaccine while enabling Trump to claim credit for it. Spokespeople for Pfizer and Moderna, the two pharmaceutical companies with what are currently the most promising vaccines, were invited but have said they will not attend. They have expressed concern about the politicization of the vaccine and worry that that politicization will hurt public confidence in it.

    The White House has not invited President-Elect Joe Biden or his team to the summit, although they will be responsible for the majority of the vaccine distribution after Biden takes office on January 20, 2021.

    Meanwhile, the doctor who criticized Trump’s decision to drive around the Bethesda, Maryland, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to greet supporters while he was a patient there, has been removed from the hospital’s schedule beginning in January.

    This morning in Florida, about 10 armed law enforcement officers raided the home of former state data scientist Rebekah Jones and seized her computers, phone, thumb drives, and hard drives. Jones was fired from her job at the state Department of Health for insubordination in May when she apparently refused to manipulate data about coronavirus to downplay state infections at a time when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was eager to reopen the state. Jones had built the state’s Covid-19 dashboard, and after she was fired, she continued to compile and post coronavirus updates on her own.

    Jones publicly blamed DeSantis for the raid on her home. “This is what happens to people who speak truth to power,” she tweeted.

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    To give you an idea of how far removed from reality the Republican Party is today, consider this story from this morning's Arizona Republic:

    A decision by leaders in the Arizona Legislature to temporarily shutter the House and Senate after several GOP lawmakers were possibly exposed to COVID-19 has fueled infighting within the party, with some Republicans deeming the closure a "cowardly" move.

    State GOP party chair Kelli Ward and several lawmakers already were upset with Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers, R-Mesa, after he issued a statement Friday rejecting calls for the Legislature to convene and appoint its own presidential electors.

    After Rudy Giuliani — who'd spent hours with certain legislators in Phoenix last week during a multistate tour to contest election results — was hospitalized with COVID-19 two days later, the decision to close the Legislature for a week further fanned the anti-Bowers flames.

    "This is a 100% unnecessary, cowardly move," Ward posted Sunday night on Twitter, with the post swiftly racking up thousands of retweets. She added: "#DoYourJob #ElectionIntegrity #StopTheSteal."

    Neither the fact that Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, also opted to close her chamber nor reminders of the ability to conduct interim committee meetings via video call tempered the backlash.

    At least two other Republican legislators said they'd had COVID-19 earlier this year, downplaying concerns about the illness and the need to wear masks in public. Neither had disclosed a COVID-19 diagnosis before Monday.

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    Arizona, I guess you forgot one very important point about Pfizer/ Biontech. Also the "media" refuses to publish it.

    Pfizer was in touch with Trump a while ago; Trump wanted "commissions" for himself; Pfizer refused to do so. Therefore things happened as you described. In the meantime they sold an big portion of the "vaccine" to Europe, because they did n't ask for "royalties" That is also the reason they don't want to attend Trump's meeting, because they KNOW how corrupt Trump is. Because of their sale to Europe there is less of the vaccine available for the US. I don't know exactly what the deal is for Moderna.

    I find it awful "hypocrite" of the "media" to refuse to show this on TV. I guess the "chickenheads" are still stuck in Trump's ass. People here are awful naive; Trump and his family wants "money" for everything they do. Wake up America!

    Likely the family as you already described will leave the W.H. with plenty of money and great pensions and buy mansions as Kussner did and will continue to "rob" this country. This was the most "expensive" Presidential family in the history of this country. Be proud of it "people"

    They are the "robber barons" of America; while America had the "blinders" on. Sorry to say an awful "stupid" country which never learns from their mistakes and refuses to fix their weak laws.

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    "This is a 100% unnecessary, cowardly move," Ward posted Sunday night on Twitter, with the post swiftly racking up thousands of retweets. She added: "#DoYourJob #ElectionIntegrity #StopTheSteal."

    Alternate realities

    Democrats: That guy walking around the mall is shooting people with a M16. We need to clear the mall immediately and take him down using all means possible!!!

    Trump Republicans: No its not, that guy is only shooting people a BB gun. Nobody will get seriously hurt. He has the right to own guns. You just want to take away our right to own guns.

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    Today, at his “vaccine summit,” Trump claimed credit for the “miracle” of the coronavirus vaccine and suggested that he, rather than the experts, had had a better sense of the timeline for its availability. In his remarks, he quickly veered to the election results, again insisting that he had won the election and urging Republicans at the state level or the Supreme Court to find the “courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right” and to award him a second term.

    Meanwhile, the pandemic worsens. The U.S. just recorded a million new infections in five days, and today we marked more than 15 million infections. More than 285,000 of us have died of Covid-19.

    There is confusion over the coronavirus vaccine. This morning we learned that the Trump administration is requiring states to share with federal registries the names, birthdates, ethnicities, and addresses of the people they vaccinate against the novel coronavirus. This requirement seems like a federal intrusion into a patient’s right to privacy, and another attempt to force states to gather information on undocumented Americans, which will almost certainly make them afraid to get the vaccine.

    Trump's requirement, by the way, is a violation of HIPPA, which we all should be familiar with. If Trump tries to force the issue, it will mean ANOTHER court defeat for him.

    There is also a shortage of money for distribution. While the government has poured money into developing a vaccine, Congress has not appropriated any money for getting out the word about the vaccines, hiring people to give them, or making sure people get both of the shots they need. State officials estimate they will need $8.4 billion to distribute the vaccine.

    (source: HCR)