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How bad is the coronavirus?

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    COVID-19 is once again spreading through the White House, which means either the original outbreak wasn’t stopped, or a new one has begun.

    At least three of Vice-President Mike Pence’s top aides have tested positive for COVID-19. According to Bloomberg, one of Pence’s closest political advisers, Marty Obst, tested positive on Wednesday, and the vice-president’s chief of staff, Marc Short, tested positive on Saturday. In addition, the New York Times reported Saturday night that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tried to keep news of the outbreak from coming out.

    The vice-president and his wife have reportedly tested negative, but Pence, who chairs the sidelined White House Coronavirus Task Force, did not — and will not — self-isolate, despite the certainty that he was once again in close contact with people who had the virus.

    “While Vice-President Pence is considered a close contact with Mr. Short, in consultation with the White House Medical Unit, the vice-president will maintain his schedule in accordance with the CDC guidelines for essential personnel,” a White House press aide said in a statement. Pence is still planning to go to a Trump campaign event in North Carolina on Sunday.

    The news is yet another pandemic-related political disaster for the embattled Trump administration, less than a week and a half from Election Day, and at a time when the president is ever-aggressively trying to downplay the pandemic.

    Trump hasn’t just been eager to move on from his own serious case of COVID-19 and the White House outbreak, but has been more and more eager to downplay the pandemic since returning to the campaign trail following his recovery. And in recent days, he’s been escalating his efforts to discredit the big third wave of cases being confirmed across the country

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    9 days before the election, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows waved the white flag on Sunday morning, admitting the administration has all but given up on trying to “contain” the coronavirus pandemic, saying they are directing their efforts to “vaccines and therapeutics.”

    Contrast that attitude to Winston Churchill's speech on June 4, 1940:

    Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.

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    TIME magazine covered this topic in its November 2/November 9 issue.

    The White House is following what is called the Great Barrington Declaration - which is essentially "herd immunity".

    A recent study from Stanford University suggests that only about 9% of the population has antibodies to the new coronavirus. Around 156 million more Americans would need to get infected to reach the 50% threshold for herb immunity from natural infection. You've seen the devastation caused by some 8 million cases, so just imagine the impact of an additional 156 million cases..

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    In any other country such an idiot of President would have been removed and hung. But here they allow such idiot to murder just about half of the population if he gets his way. The stupidity reigns in this W.H., just because of our silly election system without checks and balances. I wrote many times about that. The simple solution is an "mandatory" demand for "tax returns" ; that does not look all that difficult, unless people here love to have idiots in the W.H. . But yeah even those simple things they refuse to do. So lets have turmoil and B.S. until this country has destroyed itself due to it. Shaking my old head.
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    The herd immunity by natural infection threshold is closer to 70 percent, and that would mean 200 million people would have to be infected...and up to 2 million deaths. Collateral damage I suppose. Of course before you got to that kind of number people would wake up and start wearing masks and social distancing in earnest.
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    In any case the White House put out a statement today on Trump's top accomplishments: "Ending Covid-19 Pandemic"

    Forbes: White House Lists 'Ending' Covid-19 Pandemic As Trump Accomplishment

    So maybe this thread can be considered finished.

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    Yes you are correct; this thread could have been finished a long time ago if we would have elected an "normal" President.

    But yeah here they refuse to "elect" an "educated, experienced, world knowledge, highly capable person, because that is to difficult in an country without "decent" well thought out election "rules" and "laws" . They rather elect an super spoiled brat "crook" who refused to "study" and burned through "millions" handed out by his KKK daddy.

    The "virus" goes away by itself; problem solved. The whole world is seeing now how screwed up this country is and will act accordingly knowing this. It is not alone the Trump "mafia" being at fault, but the whole stupid "non-laws" and the "few" rules which are "trampled on, allow all of this, because about half of this country has no brains or had any "proper" education, because there is no"money " for that, because our leader rather spends it covering his "ass" because of all the B.S. and lies. We are only 3.3 trillion in debts so who cares.

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    The outlook for the pandemic continues to worsen, and many areas of the United States are experiencing their worst weeks yet. The country reported a record of more than 500,000 new coronavirus cases in the past week.

    It’s not just a few areas driving the surge, as was the case early on. Half of U.S. counties saw new cases peak during the past month. Almost a third saw a record in the past week.

    With case counts trending upward in almost every state — and 21 of those states adding more cases in the last week than in any other seven-day stretch — officials in parts of the country are once again implementing control measures. Residents of El Paso are under a two-week stay-at-home order, and indoor dining will be halted in Chicago beginning Friday, Oct. 30. Other officials are considering new restrictions in an effort to curb the virus’s rapid spread.

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    They call that in Dutch: Mustard presented after the meal (mosterd na de maaltijd)

    At present Trump and his "loyalists" stick their heads in the sand, so who in the GOP cares. Trump is so much more important than all the "dead" and "sick people in this country. Long live the King.

    It already shows in the stock market that the "virus" is the only one who is winning.

    The craziness is at an all time high in this country and may balloon Tuesday. I wonder if the balloon will burst.

    Sure people that is what you get if you refuse to make proper laws and stick to zillions of "lawyers" only, instead of "solid" not to be tampered with laws in the first place. The chaos will stay, if no one in his right mind fixes these convoluted systems and lousy laws with which every lawyer can make his fortunes. America get out of your century old winter sleep and "do" something positive for a change.

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    There is a lot to learn from comic strips. After the election dust settles down, I'll post a thread about Calvin and Hobbes. Today, though, the comic that best sums up Trump's handling of the coronavirus is the comic strip Non Sequitur.

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    North Dakota is now leading the nation in terms of cases per 100,000 of population, which led to a very interesting story:

    David Andahl died of covid-19 in early October, just as the coronavirus was pummeling his home state of North Dakota. But that did not keep the 55-year-old rancher from winning his race for the state House of Representatives on Tuesday.

    The district north of Bismarck has two House seats, and Andahl teamed up with another candidate, Dave Nehring, to earn endorsements. During the campaign, he won the backing of two of the state’s most influential Republicans, Gov. Doug Burgum and Sen. Kevin Cramer.

    Cramer, a noted Trump ally, put his support behind the Bismarck rancher “because we need more Trump Republicans in the State Legislature,” the Star Tribune reported.

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    A Texas pastor who hailed coronavirus as a “privilege” and a “wake-up call" for sinners, particularly those who engage in sex outside of marriage, has died from the fast-spreading disease.

    Irvin Baxter, the founder of Texas-based Endtime Ministries, succumbed to symptoms linked to COVID-19 on Tuesday, about a week after he was initially hospitalized and put on a ventilator, according to a post shared on the church’s website on Tuesday.

    Baxter, also a dedicated supporter of President Trump, was 75 when he died.

    When the global health pandemic initially emerged in the United States earlier this year, Baxter made an appearance on the “Jim Bakker Show,” where he discussed the alleged ties between “the sin of fornication” and coronavirus

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    At least the virus did an good deed for a change. Too bad that the worst people always survive and the good one's die. Amen
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    White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has tested positive for coronavirus, according to an administration official with knowledge of the diagnosis. This comes a little more than a month after President Trump and other members of his family and inner circle tested positive. The White House declined to comment Friday.

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    I read the comments sections on various right wing websites but also religious websites. It is just astounding to me how many people have bought into the Trump mantra of "no worse than the flu". Mark Meadows intermingled with a lot of people before he was diagnosed. Depending how bad his symptoms are, he might just continue to go to working some fashion.

    I don't know if Meadows had that much influence on Trump's thinking or was there to just be another "go boy" for Trump. Anyone who disagrees with Trump is fired. Who will be left to "console" Trump when the voting is finally done and SCOTUS won't hear his case? Ivanka?