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bloodthirsty oligarchy

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    A little U.S. History goes a long way to enlighten a people whose interest in history leaves a lot to be desired.

    The Founding Fathers gave the Legislative Branch of government the power to wage war then the lying warmongering profiteers decided to lie America into the horrific tragedy called Vietnam then Reagan came along and decided to ignore that constitutional war law and get funds from another country to pay his murdering thug Contra army that terrorized central America then 9/11 came along and Bush and his gang of war criminals lied America into war in both Iraq and Afganistan by getting that traitorous, spineless, gutless US Congress to pass that infamous war powers act giving the Executive Branch the power to commit endless war crimes around the world and along came Obama promising the American people he will stop these war crimes but instead he escalated and multiplied these war crimes like Yemen and receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his warmongering activities meanwhile a few members of the US Congress have been trying for years to repeal that war powers act ever since it passed but the MIC stooges who dominate the US Congress remove that appeal every time.

    A few weeks ago the US Congress voted to increase funds for that bloated fraud ridden defense department and raised their budget to record heights of 850 billion to pay for a lot more war crimes like bombing countries into rubble, bombing schools, hospitals, weddings and school buses that slaughter and maim millions.

    Trump's order to commit that war crime that murdered Iran and Iraq's favorite generals while they were on a peace mission

    caused the war contractors stock to sky rocket on Wall Street, in other words, war crimes are very profitable for the vulture capitalists, corporations and war suppliers and many members of the US Congress have investments in these bloodthirsty stocks. Tragically Trump's war crime also caused the death of 176 airline passengers.

    The truth is that every member of the U.S. Congress who votes to fund war crimes is a war criminal because without those funds these war crimes committed over generations could never have happened..

    Might without morality and power without compassion accurately describes that war criminal Oligarchy in Washington DC.

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    Connie, it is even worse then you wrote. Guess where all this money comes from? And guess who will cut social security because they need the money for "war tools". Also guess who pockets kickbacks from it via the contractors? Also the whole desert is now already parked full with all the war junk they no longer need.

    Looking at your writing, why do they need all that junk, if you are not going/intend to use it?

    Sorry this country is going down the drain anyway if Trump stays and gets of the hook, and he may start World War III due to pure stupidity and incompetence during an tantrum. Amen