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    George Orwell wrote in 1945 Animal Farm and in 1949 the book 1984 and both books addressed the ability and skill by which a government can manipulate its people through propaganda and mind control and no one used this power more skillfully then Goebbels.

    George Orwell wrote these books before the computer age and information gathering technology and even Orwell would have been impressed with a data gathering company like Cambridge Analytica and its ability to target individual groups by gathering data from computer sites such as Facebook.

    These data gathering propaganda corporations that use lies, distortions and fear based tactics are specifically targeting the uneducated, extremists, neurotic or easily influenced non critical thinking groups and there is every indication that these propaganda mind control corporations are very successful in achieving their goals and the fact that few Americans vote anymore makes the success of these propagandists certain.

    The Robber Barons, capitalists and corporations who are paying millions for the activities of these data gathering corporations have been undermining America's elections to the point the people have become powerless.

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    The country is deeply split and Facebook is capitalizing by pumping out content and ultimately advertising to everyone. No matter which side wins the ultimate winner is they who sell to all viewers.
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    Al Jazeera had an excellent article about Cambridge Analytica a few days ago. The company apparently was involved with several African elections - as well as Brexit.