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Why did Hillary make the headlines?

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    I think Hillary’s prime mover to attack Bernie earlier this week was money. I think she wants to make as much money as possible from her upcoming March the fourth documentary release on Hulu. In the interview she said she would not endorse Bernie if he was the Democratic candidate for president and then she walked it back. Unfortunately she could have given the election to Trump with that episodic musing. But I think that was not her intention. Making as much money off the upcoming documentary release was probably what motivated her. Don’t forget that she said 100 million dollars is not really that well off. If the truth is that upset Bernie voters cost her the election then she pretty much guaranteed that Trump will win again. There is no way Hillary would want that to be her legacy so I think her motive was money. So, did Hillary make Trump the President (if he is not in jail) for 2020?
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    Hillary Clinton: $100 million isn’t enough to make me ‘truly well off’

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    I think Hillary is carrying a grudge for what Bernie and his supporters did to her in the 2016 campaign. And as she witnesses what Bernie is again up to in 2020, she felt she needed to get it out in the open. As I said before, Bernie is a shrewd politician. He knows what turns on his crowds much the same as Trump knows what turns on his crowds. I would not be surprised to see echoes of "lock her up" at the Bernie rallies, much the same as they have become a popular chant at Trump rallies. And why not? They work. Anything anti-Hillary works for both of them.