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Senate Impeachment Trial

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    I have watched bits and pieces of this spectacle on my local PBS television station and I have to say that when democrats laid out clearly what they believe are unlawful and unconstitutional acts of Trump, I understood where they're going.

    When lawyers for Trump spoke, it was as if they were speaking in another language, one I could not understand, and I am still trying to figure out their angle and defense of a president who clearly broke the rule of law.

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    100% Partisan politics. 100%

    Facts and/or the truth are not wanted or important to them. Just winning and following orders. was not kind to their team.

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    I watched most of it today...the House managers presented a compelling factual case. Adam Schiff was especially good in his two hour plus opener and his closing summation. If any Senators had been tuned out or only subject to the Fox News selected clips, then these presentations would be eye openers. I think they may have moved a few Senators who do not want to be on the wrong side of history. Two more days of Democrat presentations before the Republican rebuttal over an additional three days. Then maybe some more testimony from witnesses (Bolton??) if we're lucky.

    Trump wants it all wrapped up by February 1st. Those are his orders to McConnell. No trial hanging over his head when he delivers the State of the Union address on February 4th.

    We'll see what happens...

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    Schmidt, as you said: "those are the "orders" to McConnell" which imply that this country is an "dictatorship" The "mafia" boss "orders". Sorry but looking at all of this and senators running out of the "show", then it does not look good for this "scam" court and real justice.
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    I've been watching, its been more-or-less typical closing arguments of a court trial where each side puts their spin on the facts. So far we have just heard the Democrats.

    It shall be interesting how Donald Trump see's himself as told through the republican'ss rebuttal; how a perfect president was making perfect phone calls 100% of the time, and even when he farts in WH meetings, everyone praises him for have perfectly smelling farts, and that he should fart more often. He extends an open ended offer to everyone that they are welcome to come watch while he takes a shit. Even his shit is perfect shit, and smells just as perfect! :)

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    Another good day yesterday for Adam Schiff and his team. Although Republicans are criticizing the presentations for repetitiveness, the underlying facts needed repeating as they presented their case from different angles. They even put "on the table" the Republican false accusations against the Joe and Hunter Biden, but in doing so the Republicans have now said the Biden's are fair game to be called as witnesses in their rebuttal.

    I especially liked Nadler's discussion of the Constitution and what our founding fathers meant by "high crimes and misdemeanors". Jason Crow has done an admirable job of addressing the military need by Ukraine and how it ties to our national Security.

    I liked that Democrats used clips of Republicans own words from the past including the "old Lindsey Graham" speaking at the Clinton trial and many of Trump "yelling" on the White House lawn.

    Meanwhile Republicans outside of the trial are attacking just about everyone criticizing the President. They have really circled the wagons around their "President can do no wrong" theme.

    Today (Friday) is the last day for Schiff and his team to make their case. On Saturday, the Republicans will begin their attacks by undermining the process and the witnesses. Look for them to repeat many of the lies that have been a part of their narrative. It looks to me that they have repeated their lies so many times they really believe their own lies. However, as their base will be paying attention, they have no choice but to stick with those lies lest they undermine their support from Trump's rabid base. Their presentations as such will always be focused on Trump's rabid base as their prime audience. They need to continue to feed them.

    My opinion..

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    I think a lot of repetitiveness is intentional because most people are not watching it from start to finish, most are watching parts of it, or just getting the highlights on the news, thus a lot of repetitiveness is eliminated.

    When it comes to the Republicans turn on Saturday it will be interesting to see how they spin the whole thing. As far as I can determine, there are no facts that Trump was not attempting to bully Ukraine into doing his dirty work. Maybe Trump's lawyers can show how many people stopped Trump from going too far.

    Overall, everybody minds are already decided, so what we are seeing has no real impact on the Senate Trial. There maybe long term impacts and harsh historical judgements about Trump and the Republican party. I truly believe the impeachment charges could be anything, and the outcome would be the same. For example, Trump could have contacted Ukraine asking them to assassinate Joe Bidden, and everything would have played out nearly identical to the current charges. Of course, nobody in the loop would have ever used the word "assassinate", just like Trump never directly said "I want Bidden investigated". So, no matter what the charges could have been, and might be in future, the Trump and republican party will claim it never happened. Even Trump has said that Nixon's big mistake was not that he was covering during Watergate; Trump believes Nixon mistake was handing over the tapes and resigning. Trump has eluded that if the Supreme Court order him to hand over documents, he would refuse and never resign. That would leave only one option, impeachment. And even defying the Supreme Court would not be enough for Republicans in the Senate to vote to have him remove from office, they would pull a rabbit out their hat and claim "It is so close to the election, we'll let the voters decide". Republicans not only fear what he will do while President, they also fear what he will do after he out of office; holding revenge rallies against Republicans who dared not to be 100% on his team.

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    wwjd -- Yes I fear you are right. It goes back to how Trump from the day he was elected has continually focused on his base. He's had more rallies than any other president in history...and all of them are designed to energize his base again and again.

    His tweets do the same thing. He set a record the day before yesterday with 142 tweets. His base reads his tweets like the were the Bible.

    Well today is the obstruction of Congress charges covered in detail. Trump claims he is above the law...and he has the support of all his minions that surround him.

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    Even if senators do convict Trump, he has a hold card, it's called EP, executive privilege. We should expect Trump to invoke that.

    Let's touch on a Trump lawyer. Most of us would agree that Trump is a sleaze ball, and he has many associates who fell into that category whom he has had professional and private relationships with. Jay Sekulow, is by definition a sleaze ball, I looked him up using a Bing search, and here's a Wikipedia definition or description of his past dealings:

    "In 1982,[9] he opened a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, with former Mercer classmate Stuart Roth[9] which soon evolved into a business buying, renovating, and selling historic properties as a tax shelter for wealthy investors.[7][8][10] When IRS regulations changed in the mid-eighties, the law firm and the real estate business collapsed.[7][8][10] Sekulow and his partners filed for bankruptcy protection in 1987 and were sued by investors for fraud and securities violations."

    The man is probably a phony/crook just like Trump is, especially when we're talking about religiou$ fanatic$.

    Charity finances:

    "On June 27 and 28, 2017, The Guardian reported that documents obtained by them confirmed later that "millions in donations" were steered to his family members,[29] that Sekulow "approved plans to push poor and jobless people to donate money to his Christian nonprofit, which since 2000 has steered more than $60m to Sekulow, his family and their businesses",[29] and that attorneys general in New York and North Carolina opened investigations of Sekulow's CASE for possibly using pressure tactics in telemarketer calls to raise money which was allegedly misdirected to Sekulow and his family."

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    I'm afraid that the McConnell "model" and his refusal to make it an "real" court will end up in that Trump has done nothing wrong. That is what you get if you let Kentucky run the world. It is the "system/ laws" here which is at fault!!
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    When it's all said and done there will be the transcripts and footage of it all. History will rightfully be harsh and critical when looking at the totality of the information. A glaring asterisk will be attached. What amazes me is the refusal of his base and minions to see information and facts as anything but opposing views from bad people. It's astonishing that this is so prevalent in a day where Google is in the hands of 96% of the population at all times. should be used by all to see through the immense partisan divide. If we could only find a way to convince the masses to vote in November it would be important in huge ways.

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    Heather Co Richardson's letter of January 24 contained a few gems about the impeachment hearings:

    "Now, the rest: this morning, news dropped that there are tapes. Reporters for ABC News have reviewed a recording, apparently made by Lev Parnas’s partner Igor Fruman at a private dinner at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on April 30, 2018, that has Trump saying about US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, a prominent anti-corruption leader, “Get rid of her!... Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it.”

    Tonight, Lev Parnas’s lawyer went on the Rachel Maddow Show to say the entire tape is 1:24 minutes long and has been given to the House intelligence Committee.

    For their part, Republicans are trying to pretend that the impeachment trial is so boring and unimportant that no one should bother watching. They are reading, chatting, playing with Fidget spinners. On Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity is assuring viewers he will protect them from the boring proceedings.

    But it does not appear to be working. Americans are glued to the House managers’ telling of the Ukraine Scandal, which they have made a compelling story of intrigue and corruption at the highest levels of our government, calling Americans back to the higher meaning of American democracy. As of tonight, more than 6 million people had watched a single clip of Adam Schiff’s closing at last night’s session. Further, the Republicans’ strategy makes them seem disdainful not simply of the impeachment process, but of our government itself. It’s not playing well.

    The Republicans will start their defense of Trump tomorrow, but will present for only three hours, from 10:00 to 1:00. This is a poor time for viewership, which is frustrating the president, who called Saturday morning TV "Death Valley".

    McConnell still appears to have the votes to quash witnesses and documents, but senators are clearly feeling pressure, as 72% of Americans want those witnesses and documents.

    Since executive privilege cannot be used to hide criminal activity, it is a wild card what Judge Roberts would actually permit the president to protect.

    Also today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo melted down at NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly, insisting that he had defended Yovanovitch (he has not), and then after the interview cursing her (he uttered several "F bombs") , asking “Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?,” and challenging her to find Ukraine on a map, going so far as actually getting aides to bring in an unlabeled map (on which she successfully identified Ukraine). “People will hear about this,” he told her.

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    Arizona, the thing which is absolutely impossible in other countries, is that solely an McConnell can order no "witnesses, let alone documents can not be presented. I've never seen that in any other country with proper laws, let alone that an imbecile out of Kentucky can determine that. Something is missing in the "brains" of this "loyal" Trumper" Also I'm totally surprised that the "people" here are not revolting and invade Kentucky and free it from the "devil"
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    Laugh instead of the opposite.

    Humor for a moment.

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    What I absolutely don't understand, is that likely none if the Trump party (previously the GOP) ever dug into the history of this "criminal" called Trump. He goes around with the biggest criminals in the world and did/does all the money laundering he can. Also follows the "footsteps" of another criminal like Putin who "murders" his opposition. If you read the Zembla report then I certainly cannot follow the mindset of this lost in space Trump party; Why invite one of the worst criminals in the universe to be your President? I have only one answer: it is the stupid uneducated masses here who are brainless.

    If acquitted he will have free reign to fill his pockets from the corrupt mafia which he's running everywhere, he gets his hands on, as well will make sure that his ass is covered by all the ass kissing criminals around him. I guess it is too late to wake up to realize, what you people who voted for him, dragged into the W.H.

    Everything Trump touches dies. ( ask Khashoki, Epstein etc. and the 167 people on board of the Ukraine Airline plane)