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Progressives - Start You Own Party Please!

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    By now, everyone knows that the party of democrats has a very large tent, we'll just about allow anyone who has democratic ideas and an ideology of democratic reforms into it.

    This had a profound effect when Trump won in 2016. Sanders ran as a democratic socialist, but we all knew he was a progressive. Presently, there are at least 3 progressives in the field of democrat candidates for 2020, and if the democrats want to see another election slip away to Trump, the DNC should kick those progressives out of the tent and make them run their own party. After all, there are many factions of parties, there's the green party, possibly a labor party and some others, and these parties other than the democrat party tends to split the votes intended for the D party, but in reality, these split votes splinter the democrat's intended vote.

    Here is a good example, a candidate for the D party hasn't even been chosen yet, and this lawmaker from Wisconsin is already endorsing Sanders even though Sanders IS NOT a democrat, he is a progressive or socialist.

    This lawmaker is making a huge mistake endorsing Sanders, since the nominee hasn't even been elected yet. These people or candidates that call themselves democrats are what most would call DINO's, but they have a progressive or far left agenda. I wonder if Pocan will support the nominee? Even if it isn't Sanders. Take note here, Pocan didn't support any candidate in 2016, which probably hurt Wisconsin and the nation. Democrats need everybody on board and everybody on the same page to take back government. It would be nice if the democratic party would return back to center instead of being far left or fringe.

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    The so called Democrats of today are nothing more than recycled moderate Republicans and therein lies the reason we have a crook for a president. Progressives are the only people in this country that can ever save or improve it for everyone else but, unfortunately, ignorance and selfishness is a true American voting tradition and so ingrained (like the gun, abortion, military and religious sectors) that it will always be a slow process with many, many back steps!
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    I have no problems with so called "progressives" being a part of the Democratic Party. It is a very large umbrella. My issue with any faction is that they don't always get on-board with the majority. The obvious case in point are those Bernie supporters who crossed over to vote for Trump in the 2016 election because they could not stand Hillary. Many also voted for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate.

    Rather than just stereotyping all "progressives" as seemingly having one agenda, that group itself is rather broad. Joe Biden calls himself a progressive as does most all the Democratic candidates.

    A better description for the Bernie faction is "socialists". In fact that's what Bernie at one time called himself: a socialist. Now he adds the word "Democratic" on front of Socialist for more respectability. Back in the 1970s, Sanders was the chairman of the Liberty Union Party, a Vermont offshoot of the socialist People’s Party. His worldviews have not changed one iota from the time he spent in an Israeli Kibbutz (commune) in his 20s. Then he was known as "Bernard". He is the same Bernie with the same socialist agenda. He has not changed. He cannot change. But Democrats need to work on educating his avid socialist supporters on why another Trump term would be far worse than a centrist Democrat as president.

    On the other hand, the Republican Party seems to be able to embrace an unholy alliance of far right Christian evangelicals, Mormons, super rich oligarchs, corporate CEOs, gun nuts, military veterans, enlisted military men (but not the brass), non-union blue collar workers, and uneducated poor white men. How is that?

    Much of it is in the messaging. Trump and Republicans know how to appeal to their emotions...not their intellect. That's why military officers have a much lower approval of Trump than then enlisted service members. Their jobs require strategic critical thinking.

    Anyway, for Trump supporters, it doesn't seem to matter what he does to enrich himself at the expense of the taxpayer. They are indoctrinated.

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    Yes, that is what you get with an "two" party system. In The Netherlands there are at least 11. That way you cover all the groups of people as well the "center". Even there you have an Communistic party as well an ultra right party and plenty of parties in between.

    A workers party and an christian party etc. Also at least "money" is not part of the elections; neither manipulating like gerrymandering etc.

    Also I have the feeling that the education in this country is not uniform and very much is influenced by religion and "money"; neither are teachers screened properly related to their "mindset" and what they think should be the curriculum, especially in the "red" States.

    The military never should be an "example" for the way people should think; this country is way to busy thinking that they should run the world and are qualified to do so. Absolutely crazy as hell. Sorry this "island" has no clue about the world and therefore are loosing all their instigated wars all the time. Amen