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Refuting Bernie’s “Destroy-America plan” meme

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    Sorry Schmidt is correct; you don't seem to understand that on this "island" they always try to invent the wheel again. As long as healthcare is run by lobbyists and corruption it will remain an mess. How is this government which is itself one big corrupt mess going to reign in the doctors and foreign made pill producers like Novartis, Bayer etc.? Sorry this country will remain the most expensive place for healthcare. As an example Scott (the previous governor of FL and now Senator) ripped off the hospitals in FL and claimed the "fifth" about a hundred times and got rewarded again to become Senator, while people like that belong in jail. And he's not the the only one. Due to the huge influx of "snowbirds" in FL the health industry here makes fortunes; I had to wait at the doctors office for 6 hours before being screwed over by an wrong analyses , but still of course got an huge bill.

    Thus the message is; as long as all the corruption only increases here, the worse the healthcare will be. The same counts for "elections"; it is only getting more and more corrupt due to that the system is "made" for it. Gerrymandering, electoral college, billions if money thrown around, pay offs etc. An doctor in my neighborhood here drives proudly around in an brand new McLaren. That says enough.

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    Because I had to delete my account and start it up again after having my original one frozen, as I had no correspondence with the admins about unfreezing with a stronger adherence to the rules, this will be my last response after deleting THIS account.

    That rant only addresses the decades of Florida corruption run exclusively by Republicans. The example you cited (Rick Scott) is a lifelong criminal steeped in GOP ideals. Like predatory business practices. Rewarding those very predators with higher government offices. This isn't just exclusive to business for the Republican Party. In the Midterms the GOP voted for Arthur Jones a famous Neo-Nazi Nazi Holocaust denier in the Illinois 2nd district GOP Primary. Meaning that out of all the possible Republican candidates the actual Republican voters felt that a freaking Nazi most closely matched their values. Not to mention the Republican voters in Alabama choosing a pedophile in Roy Moore.

    In closing, you've been shown that your line of thought is dishonest and inaccurate. Your objections are the very problems that are being addressed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of "The Squad". Worse yet, I suspect because of your chosen arguments that you are well aware that what you are saying isn't factual. Nice try though.

    You both displayed yourselves as establishment Democrats who’re notorious for fighting against the truth. On the other, I’m not convinced that you and Schmidt are actually Democrats. Regardless of what you guys post that seemingly lean left you can very easily be Republicans who don't support Trump, unaffiliated Rightwingers, Tea Partiers, about a dozen groups I can think of.

    Many such ideologically Rightwing people claim to be neutral or independent (Center) when they definitely are not. I think of it simply like how the Tea Party and Libertarians rose up. A veneer or neutrality with clearly Conservative (Rightwing) positions on political issues (anti-taxes, military spending, etc) and social ones (anti-marijuana legalization, public healthcare funding through those taxes). Such groups create the appearance of being in the middle on polarization topics while being very welcoming only to Rightwingers who have been disenfranchised by GOP hatred and divisiveness. Similar to how the UCC allows people to sidestep the disproven parts of the the Bible while still claiming the label of Christianity. Pretending to be neither or both when in reality they align themselves with the original group exclusively.

    Their chosen titles demonstrate that fact. Saying that they are "Classical Liberals" when they really mean from a time when Conservatives were the newbies (ie. the 1970-1980's). Reagan-era rehash of failed supply side economics/Trickle Down Economics.

    While telling the rest of us who are using data that simultaneously:

    1. Universal Healthcare funded through modest taxes won't work even though it does in every nation in the world besides the U.S., Honduras and North Korea.

    & that...

    2. Trickle Down Economics will work this 20th time they want to try it even though it never ever has. All within our current broken system with an Opioid Epidemic (caused by healthcare companies incentivizing doctors to overprescribe) and their lobbying groups co-opting the funding of our elections.

    All while screaming how unfair it is to them at a time when these corporations are reporting historic profits. I speak on this as I tend to suspect misinformation that malice most of the time. But the fact that Conservatives and Republicans lie about the data and repeat it in the next interview after being educated with citations tells us they are knowingly spreading false information. That's they textbook definition of lying. Correct? Which is why they don't argue the facts if they can. Ex: Trump & his surrogates no longer claim that they killed Iranian General Qassim Soleimani because of actionable intelligence. It's now Trump's personal opinion about it. See how they shift the narrative?

    Which is exactly what the previous Republican administration did in Iraq regarding WMD's after 9/11. Which is similar to what Reagan did with Ran-Contra. Which is how Nixon fraudulently sold the Vietnam War to the American people (despite Eisenhower initially starting it. I can list these going back over a century. All with a Republican at the center of it. But I digress.

    I’ve said my piece. Clearly these forums have been infiltrated by faux democrats/faux progressives and have come to disgust me for it. With that, “bye bye” to you guys.