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the man-child in the Oval Office

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    Trump's immaturity has been on full display ever since he announced his candidacy, and we have discussed his unfitness for office many times already.

    The most recent example was how we reacted to Cory Booker's dropping out of the race. It is a much different than the message sent out by Joe Biden.

    About the same time that he sent out his message about Booker, he retweeted an image of Nancy Pelosi in a hijab.It's red meat for his base, but ANOTHER red flag for the rest of us.

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    Yes I saw that picture; it was Schumer and Pelosi in Muslim garb in front of an Iranian flag. How low can you sink? It should be another article of impeachment.

    But I'm afraid he will win again, because the "phase one" China agreement will be signed this week and the stock market stays high because some idiots are plugging Tesla like crazy. My guess is that Trump "has an hand" in that.

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    Cory Booker would be a possible running mate for Biden. Biden has seemingly locked up the biggest part of the African-American vote, and putting Booker on the ticket would solidify that vote. The guy is a Rhodes scholar and highly intelligent and articulate. He is well versed in all the issues and is good on his feet. I enjoy listening to him respond to questions.

    I just do not understand why he wasn't polling higher. I would be happy to have Cory Booker as Vice-President and President.

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