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    Judicial Watch (JW) is an American conservative activist group that files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits to investigate claimed misconduct by government officials.

    Founded in 1994, JW has primarily targeted Democrats, in particular the Presidency of Bill Clinton, the Presidency of Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. The organization has described climate science as "fraud science" and has filed lawsuits against government climate scientists. JW has made numerous false and unsubstantiated claims that have been picked up by right-wing news outlets. Courts have dismissed the vast majority of its lawsuits. The link below lists a total of 18 "activities and controversies". As of 2016, Judicial Watch had an annual budget of about $35 million.

    The reason that I am mentioning the organization today is that they had a full page ad in the Arizona Republic this morning, and I'm certain that the ad got printed in numerous other newspapers.

    The targets for the ad were:

    (1) James Comey, who left Hillary Clinton off the hook despite "numerous national security violations on her illegal personal server"

    (2) Robert Mueller, who "dragged out the phony Russian collusion investigation for almost two years, but found no collusion":

    (3) Former CIA director John Brennan, "who lost his national security clearance because of lying, including accusing president Trump of treason"

    (4) Former First Lady, Secretary of State, and scandal plagued politician Hillary Clinton

    You and I know that the ad is utter nonsense, but there probably going to be a LOT of gullible people who think that they are telling the truth, especially when they read the BOLD PRINT:

    "How can these and other unelected, secrecy-loving, Trump-hating leaders of the DEEP STATE be held legally accountable for their possible participation in an ATTEMPTED COUP to reverse the decision of the American voters and destroy the Trump presidency?".

    Quick, Dutch, where is the barf bucket?

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    Reading your post; then I need a zillion barf buckets. Is there anything "normal" in this country? The last weeks tell a story of an country in total disarray. I guess it is the decease at the "top" which spreads like wildfire.That is what you get in an country with laws of 1800. The whole "impeachment process" is an total farce, because there is not even an detailed "manual" how it should be done. How is it possible that the judge and jury are all way up the ass of the accused. The only thing I hope is that people come to their senses at election time; if not, then it is the Titanic all over again.