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Trump rallies

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    Trump just held another rally. This time is was in Utah.

    It was an embarrassment, since only 10% of the expected crowd showed up, resulting in LOTS of empty seats.

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    It does not matter at all; it is what is playing in the background via the "media" which "indoctrinates. Hitler was an expert at such. Especially with the modern media you can reach many more people than "newspapers" and "bullhorns". Trump indeed follows Hitlers methods and uses the most effective way to get heard. He even started his own "station" but it got "hacked right away. Some interviews of people showed that they "stick" to Trump as glue and still believe the "election" was "stolen".

    The "indoctrination" via all kind of "means" and weird stations is allowed in an country without "limits" and will help speed up its downfall. The media is an much better tool than "rally's" , so "empty" seats means nothing at all. The upcoming Virginia "elections" will tell the tale about the future of this country.

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    Trump will be holding a rally tonight in Florence, Arizona. Ironically, Florence is also the site of a large federal prison

    When Trump was in Phoenix in 2020, it was held at the Dream City Church in Phoenix

    Last night, that was the location for a group called ReAwaken America, which is a group that has some really nutty ideas. The rally will continue through today.

    Attendees at the ReAwaken America Tour at Dream City Church taunted teachers from the nearby BASIS Phoenix charter school over masks, school officials confirmed.

    The tour, hosted by conservative podcaster Clay Clark and featuring Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, is scheduled to run through Saturday.

    Election fraud and pandemic conspiracies dominate the itinerary, including a speech titled, "It’s the COVID-19 Protocols That Are Mass Murdering COVID-19 Patients."

    Other topics include pinpointing where the world is on the Biblical timeline, communicating after the power grid is destroyed and "Jesus is King & Donald Trump is the REAL president of the United States."

    Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley, state Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Flagstaff, and Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward are among the scheduled speakers.

    Another one of the speakers is Mike Lindell, who has enough evidence to put 300 million Americas in prison for life for voter fraud. He also will be joined by Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, who were involved in the planning for the January 6 insurrection.

    Mark Finchem is running for Secretary of State. In 2020, Kelli Ward asked people if they were willing to die for Trump.

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    Trump continues to be completely "tone deaf".

    Here's the definition again:

    a condition of being oblivious and/or clueless regarding the existence of social cues, nuances, mores, norms, et cetera, within a given social subset, or more often than not totally and completely and all the time.

    The original scheduling of the rally in Tulsa on June 19, 2021, was considered insensitive as it is a day of celebration honoring the emancipation of African Americans, and Tulsa was the site of a race massacre in 1921. Citing these concerns, the Trump campaign later delayed the rally to June 20. June 19 is the date in 1865 that former slaves learned they were free.

    Guess what happened on June 15, 1929?

    Martin Luther King was born.

    Do you think that he'll mention MLK in his speech?

    Not a chance.

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    I note that reading articles and seeing clips of his Florence, Arizona rally that he still maintains there was voter fraud by Biden amongst many other grievances. The "thousands" that attended his rally flew in from other states. One falsehood reported by the New York Times: “The left is now rationing lifesaving therapeutics based on race, discriminating against and denigrating, just denigrating, white people to determine who lives and who dies. If you’re white, you don’t get the vaccine, or if you’re white, you don’t get therapeutics.”

    It still astounds me the amount of control he exerts over the minds of his supporters. He continues to raise big money off of them, so it's the gift to him that just keeps giving and giving. Psychologists will be writing about Trump and his rally supporters for the next hundreds of years.

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    And you still think that this is an "normal" country? But yeah what is Biden doing to stop this "mentality" and let Trump do what he wants? In any other country this guy and his cohorts would be in jail or shot and not collecting the "dough".

    Why does Trump still gets his "pension" and other "goodies" as well collects "millions" from his "buddies"?

    If all of this is allowed, then forget 2022 midterm and 2024 elections.

    All of this has nothing at all to do with "democracy" but pure "mafia" indoctrination. Heil Hitler!

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    One of the speakers at the Florence rally was Mark Finchem, who is running for Secretary of State. Like everyone else at the rally, he still believes that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

    Now he wants to be the chief elections officer in the state.

    I can't think of anything that is more stupid than that.

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    Arizona, the writing is on the "wall". Stupidity reigns here and will stay as long as nothing drastic is done to "clear" things up.

    Right now it is all talk, corruption, lies and pointing fingers. How long can you maintain such anyway? The GOP clown show just continues and "king" Trump makes sure he's in the news. In the meantime Biden is talk only and Manchin and Sinema run the loosing DNC show; 2022 and 2024 will not be kind to the Dem's. Can you imagine that an Abbott or DeSantis becomes President, then you may as well get Madura or any Hitler type. Then you can forget this country for sure and add it to the S. America culture. Unbelievable that this country has sunk so low due to "greed" and "total mismanagement" as well "incompetence", lack of integrity and proper "education" let alone an governing system by a zillion lawyers, but no solid governing system or proper uniform laws applicable for all 50 States, which do as they like right now. Yes an 1800 like "cowboy" culture; which fits in with an outdated Constitution.

    Yes the "rich" roam free and run the show and the poor get screwed. Marin Luther King day did not help to wake this country up and never will as far as I can see. Amen

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    I wouldn't use the word "stupid". Ignorance and apathy are perhaps more appropriate for much of the populace. We take our democracy for granted. However, for those diehard Trump supporters attending his rally, it is not apathy or even ignorance, for that matter. They fit the psychological profile of authoritarian followers, and perhaps make up 25 to 35 percent of society. They know full well that Biden won Arizona legitimately after all the countless audits, but they "choose" to embrace the Big Lie because it makes them feel good. It is a choice. It is the same psychological factors that ran rampant in Europe in the 1930s. And in the United States. Few people know that the USA had a Fascist Party of America founded in 1907 and embraced the rise of European fascism in the 1930s. Those people didn't go away. They now reside in the Republican Party.

    They are a minority, but they use fear and intimidation to make up for their short comings in numbers. And maybe blackmail as well. I would not be surprised if many of our Congressional members have thick secret dossiers ready to be used against them by Trump and fellow Republicans for not towing the line. They deal in "dirt", either real or manufactured.

    How about that Lindsey Graham -- chief Trump bootlicker after once being a strong critic of Trump.

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    Schmidt, "ignorance and apathy" is not the only thing what drives it; it is the like an continues"indoctrination" by the media and other sources which keeps the "lies" alive. Indeed things are going in the direction of the 1930's. However now much more dangerous because of the present day "equipment" to spread such daily into your living room.

    That is why I keep hammering on "limits" on "free speech" etc. The Constitution never foresaw how our present day "media" is able to "indoctrinate" the country side per "minute". Horse and "buggy" times are long gone as well telegrams.

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    Well yes, I agree that the media are not fair and balanced. The media, however, has many forms -- TV networks, cable TV shows, radio, newspapers, mail, e-mail, countless internet websites -- Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more. Most young people get their "news" and "fake news" (if you can call it that) from browsing websites on their cellphones.

    The First Amendment allows for all that: facts and fiction, truths and untruths, as long as someone isn't slandered, and even then, hard to prove in lawsuits.

    The indoctrination comes from people choosing their media sources and not showing any curiosity about "alternative views or facts". They choose their like-minded friends and shut out the "other".

    This is where various cognitive biases can be applied by psychologists -- there's a long list of them on Wikipedia. I don't pretend to know which ones apply. But being rather old-fashioned, I'm sure you'll agree that repetition of lies leads it to become fact in a person's mind. That's why we have the same endless mindless TV commercials repeated over and over again. Oh, and then there is this famous quote:

    “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” -- Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany.

    I think Trump actually believes his own lies.

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    Schmidt, sure you summed it up correctly. So my big question is what can this country do to solve this craziness? You name the First Amendment, yes there lies the problem. In Europe they don't have such. If you leave things "open ended" as with many things here it will be abused, which is the case here now. As I mentioned before, and country without "limits" on anything always becomes "corrupted". The "forefathers" in 1776 never had a clue about what would happen if you don't restrict "free speech" and put "limits" on it, especially in an "mixed" society as here. Just look at the "second amendment" how an stupid thing it is; in the meantime millions of people have been killed because of it. And no one wants to change it, because of this "indoctrinated" island mentality. The same as Presidents and "parties" where are the limits? Sorry this cowboy culture will remain the noose around this countries neck. Just "electing" people in the government without any "qualification" for any "job" in the government based only on the "corrupted/manipulated" votes of any State, is already crazy. I've never seen such in Europe. Also every day there is an "battle" in this government because all is "talk" but not supported by solid laws or proper use of the "system"; nothing is "black and "white" because our laws are neither. Case laws don't work as has been proven over and over. It only makes the lawyer "rich". Keep your "base" laws up to date; forget such here it is not done at all , only with an few "amendments" which themselves are also outdated over 200 years.

    Do you see such in Canada? Barely, because an "parliamentary" system prevents "power plays and corruption" and keeps the laws updated all the time, especially on the higher levels of governing. We got "fake" Kings and "weirdo's" elected, because of our British "base system"; be proud of it. Boris has got himself also into trouble because of the same "base structure" as here. That says enough. Amen

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    Trump's next rally is scheduled for January 28, but it has not met with much enthusiasm:

    Advisers to Donald Trump have blanketed South Carolina Republican officials with pleading phone calls in recent weeks in an effort to drum up endorsements and attendees for the former president’s first campaign swing of the 2024 cycle next week.

    But the appeals have run headlong into a complicated new reality: Many of the state’s lawmakers and political operatives, and even some of his previous supporters, are not ready to pick a presidential candidate.

    They find themselves divided between their support for Trump, their desire for a competitive nomination fight in the state and their allegiance to two South Carolina natives, former governor Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott, who have taken steps to challenge Trump for the nomination. Both are said by people close to them to be seriously considering a bid, and Haley is expected to announce in the coming weeks, South Carolina operatives said.

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    How low can an country sink? The "candidates" you mention are as useless as Trump himself. I believe that this election will be an total mess in 2024. Especially the Dem's are a bit fed up with Biden without any "backbone" or an strong personality and an "age" factor. Haley never learned anything during her tenure at the UN.

    I lived a while in S.Carolina and was not impressed with the "brains" there. Looking at all the "elections" here, then I get the impression that most people don't even think but fall for B.S. or an "bully" person like Desantis etc.

    Sorry to say "politically" speaking; it shows how"uneducated" people here are about the world around them and learn from it. Also the "screening" of candidates (take as example "De Santis") is an "horrible" stupid process, if any at all.

    How come we have so many "incapable" people in the government? Ask "Greene"and others like it!