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Trump rallies

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    Dockadams Wrote:

    A lot of empty seats, but still, enough people (fools) so close together to cause a super-outbreak. We should be concerned about where and when his next rally is. I saw somewhere that he is going to visit a shipyard in my state in Marinette next week. I wonder why?

    Maybe he wants Fincantieri to build him a yacht? Or, maybe he's looking for another kickback, or a quid pro quo?

    " Fincantieri successfully completed the acquisition of Manitowoc Marine Group from its parent company The Manitowoc Company, Inc. on 1 January 2009, which consisted of two shipyards in Wisconsin, including Marinette Marine, which built the first Freedom-class littoral combat ship. Fincantieri also purchased from Manitowoc Marine Group a topside repair yard in Ohio and one production plant in Wisconsin, making it one of the leading mid-sized shipbuilders in the United States for commercial and government customers, including the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.[5] "


    Before Trump went to Marinette, he made a stop in Green Bay, which prompted Green Bay mayor Eric Genrich to send him a letter saying that the city would not tolerate bigoted rhetoric.

    Genrich asked Trump to show "honest, empathetic, and courageous leadership" and said people deserve a president who sees an urgent need to combat racism.

    "If you have the inclination to do any of these things, please know I will support your efforts, regardless of our very real political differences," he said.

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    Team Trump arrived in Tampa, which is a mere 80 miles from The Villages, the largest retirement community in the United States. The New York Times recently noted the area encompassing much of The Villages is the top donor zip code for Trump, in terms of the number of contributors. You’d think those donors would’ve loaded up and gone down to meet Trump, but they must’ve had a Bridge tournament or something because as you can see from the video and images below, the crowd was sparse, to put it mildly.

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    Trump secured a statement from the White House physician clearing him to return to public activities on Saturday and then promptly said he would try to hold a campaign rally in Florida that day, two days earlier than the doctor had originally said was needed to determine whether he was truly out of danger. The president again dismissed the virus, saying, “when you catch it, you get better,” ignoring the more than 212,000 people in the United States who did not get better and died from it.

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    Read all my mails about this total scam; he never even had the virus but an "breakdown" due to his own stupidity that finally his $750.- in taxes surfaced as well his performance in the debate . So the hospital gave him just some "pills" to boost his "ego" that helps. No one who got the "real" virus got "fixed" in an couple of days and was roaring to go back to "work".

    Sorry the whole thing is an huge scam; he's an expert in this. But yeah the "uneducated people" here fall for it.

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    NBC, yes folks, NBC to air Trump's townhall bullshit, while ABC will carry Biden's, NBC still hasn't got their belly full of this train wreck reality show yet, I hope it bites NBC in it's ass! idiots!
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    Dockadams Wrote: NBC, yes folks, NBC to air Trump's townhall bullshit, while ABC will carry Biden's, NBC still hasn't got their belly full of this train wreck reality show yet, I hope it bites NBC in it's ass! idiots!
    Dock , guess what ? The "media" is making hoards of money because of Trump and his influence; his face is daily on the tube. They don't care "who" or "what" ; it is only the "money they make which is important.
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    Trump is behind in virtually every poll, but still thinks he is winning because of the size of his rallies.

    Trump has returned to the campaign trail with gusto after battling the novel coronavirus, holding daily rallies with thousands of supporters at airport hangars, including events in recent days in Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. In doing so, the president is again flouting warnings from doctors — including Anthony S. Fauci, the federal government’s top infectious-disease expert — about the potential health risks of large groups gathering with little social distancing and many eschewing face masks.

    In his stump speech, which usually lasts more than an hour, Trump has touted unfounded conspiracy theories about Biden, Clinton and former president Barack Obama, played down the threat of the pandemic and pushed the Senate to confirm conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the vacant Supreme Court seat.

    At times the rallies stray into potentially dangerous territory. On Saturday in Muskegon, Mich., Trump amplified his previous attacks on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) by demanding that she relax coronavirus safety restrictions on businesses and reopen schools, promoting the crowd to chant, “Lock her up!” Trump didn’t move to stop them and instead responded with a smirk: “Lock ‘em all up.”

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    Trump was in Arizona AGAIN yesterday, appearing in rallies in Prescott (a Republican stronghold) and Tucson (a liberal city).

    His complete itinerary is posted below. A quick scan will convince you that he's completely nuts. Here's one example:

    Polling suggests that seniors in Arizona are uneasy with Trump, namely over his management of the pandemic. Arizona is home to large numbers of retirees, whose support is crucial to winning the state.

    Biden supports giving Americans a new health care choice — a public health insurance option, such as Medicare. Biden also has pledged to build on the Affordable Care Act while Trump has continued his quest to undo it.

    Turning to the COVID-19 pandemic, the president said he felt “not so great” when he had the virus.

    But, he told them to cheers, “Now, I'm immune! I could jump in this audience and kiss every man and woman!”

    Public health officials have said not enough information is known about immunity after contracting the disease.

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    Trump wasted little time in attacking his political rival during a re-election campaign stop in Tucson on Monday afternoon.

    “Joe Biden has and always will be a corrupt politician. As far as I’m concerned, the Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” Trump told a crowd of several thousand supporters gathered at a hangar near the Tucson airport.

    (the definition of gas lighting is accusing someone else a crime that you are guilty of yourselr).

    Trump’s visit to Arizona could prove crucial to his campaign. The state has a long history of voting Republican in presidential elections, allowing Trump to win Arizona by 3.5 percentage points in 2016. However, after losing by about 57,000 local votes in last election, Pima County continues to be a challenge for him.

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    Another sign that Trump is getting desperate is that he is holding rallies in places where he won by overwhelming margins in 2016. One of those places is tiny Gastonia, North Carolina.

    In this final sprint of the campaign, Mr. Trump is now holding up to three rallies a day to try to “juice” his base, in the words of advisers, as he bleeds support among the suburban voters who helped fuel his victory in 2016. His trip to this bedrock Trump county, and to Wisconsin and Ohio suburbs and exurbs on Saturday where his once-solid support is sliding, reflect his need to energize as much of his base as he can since many swing voters are now behind former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and there are few undecided voters left.

    The rally’s purpose, campaign aides said, was to activate his base. There was the added practical matter of simply securing a friendly venue in the middle of a pandemic that would allow him to hold a mass gathering for more than 20,000 fans.

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    I think it shows that he lied about having the "virus"; any normal person who has had it, would've side effects and would not feel all that good. He's an liar and cheater all the way. I absolutely don't understand the people here, they have another sickness which is much more dangerous than the "virus". It is called "cult" sickness. If you look at the record of this guy then he should may be get only 10% of the votes. The Murdoch family should be incarcerated for 100 years, because they are helping this criminal all the way to forever ruining this country and its dumb ass people.
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    President Trump is scheduled to return to New Hampshire on Sunday for what is likely to be his last campaign stop — win or lose — in the state that gave him his first-ever political victory.

    Trump has never led a poll in the Granite State all year. In a Suffolk University/Boston Globe survey earlier in the month, former vice president Joe Biden led Trump, 51 percent to 41 percent among likely New Hampshire voters.

    Beyond mere sentiment, the Trump campaign has long held out hope that New Hampshire and Minnesota are among the few places on the Electoral College map where they could go on offense.

    Yet Trump has all but given up on Minnesota in the last month, not visiting in weeks and not running television ads.

    And other than on national cable channels, the Trump campaign has not run television ads in New Hampshire in months, while Biden’s campaign spent $2.5 million on television advertising aimed at New Hampshire voters and is scheduled to spend another $500,000 in the final week, according to the media tracking firm Advertising Analytics.