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Need some cultural perspective for video game

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    Hi all.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to the forums.

    I am a hobbiest game designer and am working on a game that involves gods from various parts of the world and would like some advice on what steps I should take to avoid offending anyone.

    There was a game called Smite that came out and had Hindu gods in it that led to an uproar in their community when Kali was a playable character.

    Long story short, the developers were accused of committing a "Porno-fication" of the god as she was designed topless with a neckless of skulls covering her breasts. The developers stated that they were wanting to depict her as she was according to the religion, but went ahead with a redesign and made her clothes more modest.

    To avoid such issues the first step I would like to take is to avoid using any god that is part of a commonly practiced religion.

    The next step I am taking is that I am only using vilified gods (the gods will be the antagonists in my game).

    I do worry though that although someone does not actually believe in the gods depicted that it may be seen as disrespectful or tone deaf to their culture, and would love some input on how to avoid that. My intent is to have a celebration of different cultures in the game, not to make a caricature of them.


    Edit: Oh, and for reference these are the current gods I am considering:

    Medusa - Greek Mythology

    Izanami - Japanese Mythology

    Fenrir - Nordic Mythology

    Sobek - Egyptian Mythology

    Xing Tian - Chinese Mythology

    Ah Puch - Mayan Mythology

    Pele - Polynesian Mythology

    Chernobog - Slavic Mythology

    I tried to offer a mix of male and female gods, as well as a selection that represents a diverse selection of cultures. I wouldn't mind including an North American god or an African god, but am not educated enough on any of the regions' mythologies.

    Suggestions welcome.

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    Shaking my head! What is the objective? Religion already makes this world nuts and divided. So what is the use other than driving these believers nuts or expect that you can make money of religion as so many do.

    I guess you forget "religion" is the curse of this planet it has already killed millions of people; creating more unrest about this does not help the nutty world we live in.

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    Patty Mac:

    The best person to answer your question is my son-in-law, who is an avid gamer. However, he's also an atheist, so won't be able to provide much help on what god to use. There are numerous sites available for game designers, which I have listed below:

    The Democratic Hub site is actually aimed at folks who enjoy political discussions. If that would be of interest to you, we'd welcome your input on those topics.