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Russia banned from international sports for doping

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    The 12 member World Anti-Doping Agency has just voted unanimously to ban Russia from international sports for four years including the Olympics for 2020 and 2022 for "tampering with drug testing data". The Russians can appeal.

    The ban does not preclude those Russians not associated with tampered evidence or doping from competing under a neutral flag as "Olympics athletes from Russia" following the precedent set for the 2018 Olympics.

    It just says something about Russian society that their own government is a participant in cheating on the world stage. Putinism has had its effect on Russian society like Trumpism has had on half of American society. The fish rots from the head.

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    MSN: Opinion: In latest farce, International Olympic officials again favoring Russia over clean athletes

    Nancy Armour reports: "Read the fine print, though, and you’ll see the decision is a smokescreen, more kowtowing to Russia at the expense of clean athletes. This is not the blanket ban that athletes and many who actually care about fighting doping had called for, but rather a farce that allows Russia to compete in all of the biggest events, albeit without its flag and anthem."

    Read more about the ban in her article. It's all about Russian cheating, bullying and lying. And they will do it again in 2020 because they can get away with it. Sound familiar. It's in their genes to cheat.

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    Looks good on the surface till the top layer is peeled back, it's just for show.