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Patriarchy is alive and flourishing in America

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    Anyone familiar with the history of Christianity is well aware of how antiwomen this religion really is and today this religion still lives up to its historic hatred of women.

    For generations the Christian church has continued to undermine the hard won gains for women's rights around the world and in both the American Fed and State governments have been passing incredibly harmful stupid laws that have forced the shut down of women's health clinics and Planned Parenthood all over America. These women's health clinics main goal is to provide birth control and prevent the need for abortions.

    If stupidity has an awards ceremony the Christians would win the top award every year.

    The result of this ignorant women hating Christian ideology in practice will be women forced to go into butcher alleys and end up dying horrible painful deaths.

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    Connie; there are already lots of "threads" about "abortion". The point you are making is correct related to that "religion" is the culprit. Religion is the curse of humanity, because it leads to that people refuse to think with an analytic open mind. Religion blanks "common sense" in people. Not one religion is based on black and white "facts"; just like the present GOP which also consist of plenty of those indoctrinated polluted brainless idiots.