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Bloomberg running?

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    Bloomberg ( according to the news) tries to announce that he is running. The announcement will come from Alabama, because of that there is now last the time limit for getting into the race.

    At least he's got 52 billion to spent, so a bit more than Trump, ha ha.


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    I really don't think that we need two Democratic billionaires running for president. In my opinion, the key voters in the next presidential race are the white people in the swing states, many of whom are not college educated.

    They aren't likely to vote for a billionaire from California or a billionaire from New York. They are more likely to vote for Elizabeth Warren if she starts emphasizing the fact that she is the daughter of a janitor and a mother who had to work a minimum pay job at Sears to prevent the house from being foreclosed after the family station wagon got repossessed. On top of that, she grew up in Oklahoma and went to college in Texas, both of which are very red states.

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    Arizona, I don't think you are looking at the big picture; guess what, only "money" counts in this country; Super PAC's run the show in elections. It is nice to think about the hardships of Warren, but in this society you will need someone at the Presidential spot who's got world experience and has proven leadership qualities and has "money".

    Since this is an "capitalistic" country with very poor laws as well no laws for Presidents, let alone have an sliding scale for taxes, then forget that people like Warren rise to the top. Looking at her health care plan; it is an disaster. You have to keep competition in place as well get lobbyists out and add's out as well set pricing for the government part, but let the "rich" buy their own private insurance.

    It is good to have Bloomberg running he's got lots of experience and thinks in the "middle" None of the people which are running from the Dem's side have got it.

    1) Warren,an country girl who has no international/economic/law/ management experience, let alone world experience.

    2) Sanders, an good guy, but too old and has bad health. But has also strange idea's

    3) Biden, an devout catholic, is wishy washy, very set in his ways as not an leader, but more as an follower.

    4) Buttigieg, nice smart guy, lacks international experience, has still lots to learn, but the evangelicals won't vote for him.

    So this is not an strong field at all to fight Trumps mafia.

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    Yes, he is running right now; I hope the Dem's wake up and realize that the bunch running right now do not have what it takes. Looking at the the "field", then sorry to say they don't have Presidential qualities or any world experience and are naive what the job consist of. Biden is way too religious to make common sense, the others barely can discuss the simple things, let alone run an complicated world policy which works. If Bloomberg does not get the votes, because of the ignorant society here, then that will make this country an has been; it will become totally partisan and divided and stay that way, as well due to incompetence and learning curve of the job will become another failure, which will drive this country right of the cliff. Just keep listening to FOX news that will help.

    My guess is that Bloomberg may be the only one who can unseat Trump and his cronies. Bernie had already comments which made him look like an real looser; the in-fighting between the present candidates will make sure Trump wins; they don't seem to understand that. Of course the Dem's don't like billionaires, but in this case we need someone with plenty of money to be able to defeat Trump. So I suggest strongly to support Bloomberg, there is no other choice, the other candidates lack experience and not have what it takes to get rid of the present "mafia". Let alone know what health care and the economy is all about.