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    America's politicians have a close up and enlightened knowledge of the US voting systems and voting habits of the American people and they know 4 basic facts: 1. Most Americans don't vote 2. Most voters don't give a damn about what those they voted for are doing or not doing 3. Most voters vote on only one issue 4. You need a lot of money to win an election.

    With these 4 facts in mind the question is: "Who will these politicians be representing?"

    America's voting systems are also corrupted by insane gerrymandering, eliminating legitimate voters from the voting rolls, creating unconstitutional barriers to voting, eliminating polling places in poor districts and limiting time to vote.

    America has become an Oligarchy because its so called representatives are representing their campaign donors and we don't get back our Republic until we totally reform our election systems such as campaign money will be limited to $100 and only from people in that district or state, all TV and radio stations will be required to give free time to all candidates both locally and nationally and if they refuse they lose their broadcasting licenses, limiting to 3 months to run for office and no campaign ads will be allowed on broadcasting sites since only the rich can afford this type of campaigning.

    Americans before they vote should find out who is giving how much to each candidate and if they are getting their campaign funds from the Robber Barons like the MIC, AIPAC, NRA, Big Pharma, fossil fuel corporations and financial corporations then those candidates will be representing them and not the people.

    When the American voter finally decides to vote into office a President that isn't corrupt and has a higher IQ then a turnip then they are on their way to creating a New Republic.

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    I was browsing photos of Trump rallies and was reminded of this photo from the past. It is tagged as the largest political rally in history. Trump must be dreaming. You asked the question: "Who will these politicians be representing?"

    See the source image

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    The never ending Trump rallies have become signature events of his presidency. Trump has an obsession with crowd sizes as he draws strength from the adulation...perhaps not unlike a narcotic fix. Just look at the face of Trump as he overlooks the crowd...the power that he has over them. I've seen that facial expression before in history.

    More perplexing is the psychological profiles of his rabid band of supporters attending his rallies. I make a point of also looking at their faces and try to understand what's in their minds.

    The human mind is complex and even some of the most intelligent educated humans can be sucked into the crowd frenzy. It is a subject for psychologists, but what happened in the 1930s is every bit reminiscent of what is happening today at the Trump rallies, except at a smaller scale (we hope the sizes don't get larger). It is all about indoctrination of the human mind.

    It seems many of the worst aspects of political gatherings of the past are reflected in "politics American style". Trump didn't invent rallies...he just borrows from the past.

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    Corruption is the "word" . It is an decease here; it has entered everything including healthcare. Once it is inbred in the system it is very hard to remove. On top of that the continuous "lying" of our leaders makes this chaos only bigger.

    Sorry but all of this can't end well.

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    The picture you posted is likely of one of the Nuremberg rallies, which were held from 1923 to 1938. The largest gathering was attended by 500,000 people. The area encompassed 11 square kilometers.

    The most accurate count of the number of people at Obama's first inauguration was 1.8 million people. Based on the pictures in the article below, attendance at Trump's inauguration was a lot lower. Another sign attendance for Trump's inauguration could be lower: Metro ridership. Per WMATA, the Washington area transit authority, as of 11 am, 193,000 trips had been taken on the city's subway system. At the same hour in 2009, that number was 513,000, according to WMATA. The same time for the second Obama inauguration saw 317,000 riders, and President George W. Bush's second inauguration saw 197,000 riders by 11 am.

    It's worth noting that George W. was not as popular in 2004 as he was in 2001 - and his crowd size was likely still larger than Trump's.

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    I posted the story below on Facebook recently, and my wife's sister (a Trump voter) thought it was "fake news" because it showed empty rows of seats at Trump's recently rally in Minneapolis.

    Bear in mind that Minneapolis is one of the most Democratic cities in the country. Trump only got 18% of the vote in the city, so I'm not surprised at all that there were empty seats at the arena where he spoke.

    Trump claimed that there were 25,000 people waiting outside, which is a highly dubious claim. The truth is that there WERE a lot of people outside, but a lot of them were PROTESTERS.

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    Texas just held a rally in Dallas at the American Airlines arena, which holds 20,000 people. Even though Texas is a "red" state, he couldn't even fill an arena in Dallas. He is about to start. The bottom part is not full and balconies are empty.

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    One of the people who attended Trump's rally was a guy who came into the arena in full body armor, and with a loaded weapon. Police arrested him and took him to a local hospital for evaluation.

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    Arizona -- Yes photos of rallies can be deceiving. Wide angle lenses can make crowds look larger. Trump rallies seldom show the audience except a few faces here and there. I focus on the rabid supporters standing behind him.

    Trump seems to get a lot of propaganda value out of his rallies, but I suppose Bernie Sanders and other Democrats do likewise. They always focus on crowd "size matters". You don't learn anything new at these rallies. It is more about repetition of the same points and hitting one's emotions. The euphoria of the entertainment event is meant to be inspirational and motivating where group think trumps individual critical thinking.

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    Size matters, especially when you have big hands and a wilting cock attributed to old age ED. Big hands, little brain.

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    I miss the swastika's in Trumps brain. As well all the love "hearts" for dictators. For the rest that brain is only "loaded" with the "me", "me" only factor
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    I'm not a big fan of political rallies, as they all focus on stirring up emotions with short one liners for applause rather than stimulating our ability to think for ourselves. I notice Bernie Sanders is at it again, and seeing clips of his latest rally, it seems to me to be just a duplicate of his many 2016 rallies.

    The problem with stirring up emotions in the primaries, some of those emotions evolve into hate of the "other". And that hate is not easily turned off in the general election when the most fervent of the supporters cannot reconcile the defeat of their candidate in the primary. The bitterness of defeat translates into hate of the person who defeated their candidate. That was true in 2016, and it looks like 2020 could be a repeat of 2020, as the far left vocal progressives of "Our Revolution" cannot see moderation or compromise as anything but capitulation to the "greedy capitalists".

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    Schmidt. nothing new here; it is the stupid "system" here which creates all of this. The whole election "system" is asking for corruption and hate; I've never seen those types of "rally's" in normal countries; indeed it is an copy of the Hitler time. Take the "money" out of elections and focus only on if they are qualified do do the job. No one until now has raised the question about all the things mentioned related on how to prevent an repeat of the Trump disaster as well introduce better solid laws in this country, so you can reduce some of the zillions of lawyers and corruption and can run this country without all the present B.S.