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What is the difference between 'Fake News' and 'Political Spin'?

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    Does it help? There are so many ways to "spread" lies and other B.S. The point is "free speech" in this country is the"noose" around this country's neck. As long as there are no "limits" on it, the "mess" stays.

    The "idiot" still can find many ways to spread his lies all day long and at his rally's.

    The 1.54 million subscribers you mentioned should be sent to Russia for permanent relocation; they will love that for sure.

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    Trump's continual whining about 2020 is getting old. His new website is a bust. His last rally in Georgia was a bust. Although he still leads in the Republican polls for 2024, I suspect the real establishment of the Republican Party will rise up to stop his nomination going forward.

    However, then there is Desantis. Another authoritarian crook. Why do Republicans like this cast of characters? Where are all the "Nicolle Wallace" type of Republicans of the Bush years? Nicolle calls out the fake news every day as well as political spin, but the Kevin McCarthy's and Mitch McConnell's of Congress remain silent.

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    Yes, the GOP is an like an "obstruction" party only; they have no platform to make this country better. It is actually an Hitler like anomaly; they lost their "origin" and like the Putin types, as well lean on the "rich" for their donations.

    Also the "characters" they invite to Washington are totally unfit for the job. An "diaper" guy in an wheelchair (Cawthorn?) is the most ridiculous "figure" to be elected for this party. They also enjoy their "gun" lobby and "bullying". But yeah the dumb asses in this country still vote for this party which totally lost direction. If an DeSantis would be elected in 2024 then the disaster would be even greater than having Trump. I hope I'm out of here by that time.