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Trump Strong arms Ukraine to investiage Biden

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    If (God forbid) Trump gets re-elected, our "corruption index" is going to get a lot worse.

    Greg Sargent had a good column about this topic this morning. Here is a key paragraph:

    "Rather, the real driver here is that Trump is removing officials who committed the sin of trying to defend the rule of law from his efforts to corrupt it. This is forward-looking: It clears the way for more such corruption of the rule of law and sends a message to others about what awaits them if they stand in the way of this as it continues to devolve."

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    Another example of Trump's corruption is this:

    After Justice Sonia Sotomayor criticized the Trump administration and the court’s majority for leapfrogging lower courts to save Trump policies from injunctions, he slammed her and RBG, saying they should recuse themselves from "Trump related" cases.

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    Yes he will be re-elected, because the Dem's don't have their act together. Also due to the fact Trump made sure that everyone is slowly but surely "loyal" to him; he'll therefore wants the Supreme Court do the same.

    Unless the Dem's come with an "solid" candidate other than Bernie or Warren, then certainly we will get Trump, may be "forever" I guess the people here have no clue what an "mafia" in the W.H. is capable off.

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    Trump just announced that the United States is leaving the Open Skies Treaty. This treaty permitted signatories to it to monitor each other’s military activity by plane, enabling them to keep tabs on what each other was up to and thus, theoretically, making war less likely. Trump has argued that Russia is violating the treaty by limiting flights over critical areas, and is using that as a reason to abandon the treaty. But leaving the treaty means the U.S. and its allies will have less information on Russian military activity, including—crucially-- that on the border of Ukraine, enabling Russia to increase its pressure there. Retired four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency General Michael Hayden tweeted “This is insane. I was the director of the CIA.” Russia expert Tom Nichols replied “The Russians can’t believe it’s all gotten this easy.”

    Representative Eliot L. Engel (D-NY), who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, notes that the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act—a law Trump signed-- requires the president to give Congress 120 days’ notice before beginning the process of withdrawal.

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    If you add up all the Trump stupidity and you leave him in function for another 4 years, which is likely to happen, then this country will indeed become an "has been" in the world and be isolated from it.

    But yeah, I saw Biden on MSNBC this morning; sorry to say I was not impressed at all; he's still living in the 80's and barely can find words or screws up. Like he said, he will put increased taxes on the corporations here, as before Trump's tax cuts.

    To talk about such now will certainly "piss of" these "millionaires" and they will vote again even stronger for Trump as well donate more money to Trump's re-election. Stupid for sure. No, Biden does not have what it takes! ( he even insulted an "black" guy)