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make dishwashers great again?

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    We've posted numerous comments about environmental regulation under the thread titled "destroyers of the environment", but this story is weird enough to get its own thread.§ion=Climate%20and%20Environment

    Of all the conservative efforts to persuade the Trump administration to weaken the nation’s environmental rules, the dishwasher lobby might be the most peculiar.

    The weakening of dishwasher rules is just one of many cases where a Trump administration regulatory rollback is in fact opposed by the very industry the White House claims it will help, which is also true of the auto industry.

    The rollbacks have significant environmental consequences. Eliminating inefficient bulbs alone would save electricity equivalent to the output of at least 25 large power plants, enough to power all homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    Much of the support for these rollbacks has come instead from a small group of conservative, free market organizations, many allied with the fossil fuel industry. For example, a secretive policy group financed by corporations, the American Legislative Exchange Council, worked alongside the gasoline producer Marathon Petroleum to urge legislators to support weakening the clean-car rules.

    In case you are wondering, dishwashers have been around for a LONG TIME.

    Josephine Garis Cochran invented the first useful dishwasher in Shelbyville, Ill., and received patent # 355,139 on December 28, 1886.

    Cochran, a wealthy woman who entertained often, wanted a machine that could wash dishes faster than her servants, and without breaking them. When she couldn't find one, she built it herself.

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    It's about time someone recognized me for my efforts, I've always made sure the dishes as well as the flatware I've washed and continue to wash have been spotless and sanitized, after all, I've been washing dishes for at least 50 years.

    Thanks for making me great again! And, while you're at it, I'd appreciate a pay raise now and then too.

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    Yes we need an new "dishwasher", how about giving Trump an apron and an dish towel. Sorry people this site does not cater to "dishes" except if you want to throw those at Trump's head.
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    Here you go, Dutch:

    See the source image