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22 trillion debt for what?!

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    America's Oligarchy is 22 trillion in debt thanks to a corrupt government that doesn't believe in honest audits or contractors and whose main priority has been to feed that insatiable war machine spreading death and destruction all over the planet, also subsidies for the fossil fuel corporations, and obscene tax breaks for the Robber Barons and richest in America and the only explanation for such a criminal government are the vulture capitalists and war criminals ruling Israel, Saudi Arabia and that Oligarchy in Washington DC and any government that is taking orders from a foreign government is commiting treason.

    If America was a Republic that debt would not have been tolerated and neither would spending most of that debt on endless war crimes and also benefits for the polluters and the rich.

    If America was a Republic it would have invested in health care for all, renewable energy and the rebuilding of America's infrastructure creating millions of high paying jobs.

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    The main reason for the 22 Trillion dollar debt lies with the money managers on the never ending search for making profits quicker and easier and cheaper. They have forgone making goods and services to sell in exchange for paper transactions providing fees without the nuisance and cost of labor. If all the low wage earners packing and shipping imported foreign goods were working real goods and service jobs the income tax revenue would abolish all the debt.
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    The "debt" grows as we speak. The reason is that actually there is no proper "control" on any expenditure. Especially the Pentagon is an champion on hiding where the money went, especially in our wars. They also have no clue on how they are being screwed by their "contractors" Sorry people the whole government "book keeping" is an "joke". Until now Trump did spent about 750 million on himself and his trips/ rally's etc.Let alone the revamp of the Capitol and shipyards etc.

    Let alone the cost of maintenance on all the government/military junk. Everything here is inefficient brainless.

    Guess who pays for the "wall" ? Another total waste "which" guaranteed will be "over "budget" all the time; in which Trump gets "royaly" paid via the "backdoor"