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    This popped up on Facebook this morning:

    May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Jo @JoJoFromJerz @JoJo He served 1 term. Was impeached twice. His incompetence led to hundreds of thousands of American deaths. Two campaign managers & many associates have been arrested. Two of his lawyers have had their homes raided. He's banned from social media. Republicans: 'Yep, that's our guy.''

    Obviously, Wayne Ally Root is not the only crazy Republican

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    It's astounding the infatuation that Trump has over a segment of the American public. It will be the topic of many articles by psychologists and historians for decades, much the same as other authoritarian demagogues have had their negative impact on history. History repeats itself because the human mind is susceptible to these kind of folks.
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    Schmidt, nothing new, this nonsense will carry on and on. Down here indeed it is "L'histoire ce repette" over and over again. That is what you get if an "island" which copied another "island" and thinks it can dictate the whole world and runs in circles in their own shit without accepting tried and proven things, which the world around this "island" invented long ago.

    Even Napoleon had more brains than the GOP members of today.