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let's just keep the voters dumb

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    A Tennessee state GOP lawmaker has called for getting rid of the entire higher education system, asserting that such a move would “save America.”

    State Sen. Kerry Roberts made the remarks while speaking on his conservative talk radio show. He addressed his problems with the higher education system while discussing a recent legislative hearing focused on abortion legislation.

    Tennessee, you may remember, has the highest percentage of evangelical Christians in the entire country. For many years, it was illegal to discuss evolution in public schools, which eventually led to the "monkey trial" of 1925.

    The monkey trial became widely known due to the efforts of satirical writer H.L. Mencken.

    If you read his bio in the link above, you'll realize that he had some strange ideas - but he predicted that a guy like Trump would eventually become president:


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    States like that as well Kentucky are ass backwards; even the education they get there is far below what it should be anyway.

    It is time fir these "evangelicals" to get "real" education; if not then I guess they should move to Guyana and "drink" the "potion" as served before by another nut head evangelical.