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Trump's border wall

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    Trump's brand new $15 billion #BorderWall is being ripped apart by monsoon floods.

    This is what happens when @DHSgov waives all environmental laws & ignores basic science to put up a political prop.

    Photo taken near the San Bernardino Natl. Wildlife Refuge by @madreanwildlife.

    May be an image of outdoors

    Construction of the Trump wall cut through a migration corridor for the jaguar. It will likely stop the migration of jaguars and other animals between Mexico and the US.[7][8] From late 2019 onwards, massive amounts of water have been pumped from the aquifer for the wall's construction, causing likely permanent damage to the natural water flow in the area. Declassified emails released in mid 2020, dating back to the beginning of the wall's construction in fall 2019, found that water extraction for the wall drained several of the refuge's crucial artesian wells, forcing evacuations of the endangered fish in them. Large-capacity water pumps had to be purchased and installed in order to mimic the natural pond outflow lost by the water extraction. Refuge manager Bill Radke has referred to the wall's construction as the “current greatest threat to endangered species in the southwest region”

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    15 billion...I promise I could build something to rival the great wall with that. Maybe a Berlin wall model. That Berlin one seemed to be effective. The borders are porous. There's too much borderline to cover. Enemy subs could and have sat off the coasts where they could launch attacks.

    There are sensors at points in the northern border but those were largely there to try and catch weed smugglers.

    Lots of illegal immigrants in Chicago. I met a few through contractors I hired, Polish, Irish, Italian etc... I'm not good at staying on topic. In related examples, the railroad originally disrupted the migratory patterns (Canada to Texas) of the buffalo on the vast midwestern plains. Of course, nowadays the Buffalo would have to carry wire cutters to cut through all the wire fences.

    The damn train goes through town here, horn blaring, like a dozen times a day. I'd guess there is about an average of 1 Native a month killed on the tracks. It is occasionally a suicide tool. A drunk relative drove into it while it was moving. He lived to tell the story but had symptoms of a brain injury. I often wonder how many millions go past daily, especially those big black oil tanker trains...they've derailed a few times with significant oil spills.

    One thing about the train... you can in reality be from the wrong side of the tracks here because the tracks are actually a loose, informal line of apartheid. The people who own all the businesses and run the town live elevated upon the gentle slopes of a prairie hill ...and the "others" down there on the other side.

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    Lots of "walls" were built over the centuries; all of them failed. Nowadays you don't need "walls"; Just ask the satellite to zoom in. But yeah the Great China "wall" makes now money from the tourists, thus a little bit return on investment. But yeah, that wall was built by captured enemy's and peasants, so it did not cost that much, except human lives. Don't forget that "Trump's wall" motivation was pure back pocket money for himself, he did not care if it would fall apart. He still tries to get his "money" via the "so called "repair" and maintenance.

    However there are plenty of "immigrants" waiting at the border to be screened and processed, but in the meantime we get loads of Afghans who seem to have priority. I personally prefer "latino's" above Afghans; at least they do good work here; I'm not quite sure if such is the case with Afghans.

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    The Trump administration managed to build 455 miles of new border along the U.S./ Mexican border, much to the detriment of wildlife and vegetation. Trump used DHS's authority 16 times to ignore laws that protract the environment.

    A photographer named Alejandro Prieto just won first prize in the annual Bird Photographer of the Year Awards.

    Here's the picture, which he titled "Blocked"

    Here's "the rest of the story":

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    Washington Post wants read articles. They, and others, give a few freebie articles then block you. I have paranoia about sharing banking/credit info online. Afterwards, your email is flooded with spam. Yah they have legal disclaimers that make promises but you still have to agree to the terms written in convoluted legalese. Fuhgeddaboudit!

    I think I get the idea of the image. Roadrunner encounters the wall. He says: F*ck You wall! leaves.

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    Initially, I was reluctant to pay money for online subscriptions, but started with the New York Times about 10 years ago.

    Eventually, I added the Arizona Republic which used to be less than $20 a month, but is now around $50

    Then, the Washington Post beckoned. A year later, I added the Boston Globe.

    These 4 papers cost me about $100 a month - but I don't regret the cost at all.

    In addition, I've been a long time subscriber to TIME magazine, and in the last couple of years, I've added the Atlantic and The Nation.

    My wife spends far too much money on books, but I rarely complain.

    To be an educated person, you simply need to spend a little money.

    I've never had a problem with security issues.

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    When is Mexico going to start paying us for it?

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    It only shows "humans" like to "mark their own territory. Right now the "Play" at our border continues as we speak. There are now 14000 people "parked" under a bridge in TX who walked over the Rio Grande river. Most of them are "black" and came from Haiti. The big question is why now? I saw Ted Cruz-es face at the border; what is he doing there? I wonder if the GOP clan set all of this into action, in order to make life impossible for Biden. Somethings has an "bad" smell, that's for sure.

    Certainly Trump would benefit because of this, if Biden because of this would allow to keep building on Trump's "wall", then Trump would again be able to cash-in on his huge "kickbacks" he will get from the "contractors". So all of this will undermine Biden, especially because the "midterm" elections are getting close in 2022. If the GOP gets then more "seats", then Trump is the winner and may get an "bigger role" in the GOP and will likely run again in 2024.

    Thus Dem's be warned the stakes are high and be aware that the GOP certainly will not play an"honest" game and walk right over Pelosi and Schumer. Amen

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    Well according to Donald Trump in a recent impromptu call into Fox and Friends, when Mexico renigged on their deal to pay for the entire wall (he claims Mexico is run by drug lords, gangs, and the Mexican Mafia), Donald Trump offered to give over $50 billion of his own money to build the greatest wall ever!!, but Democrats and RINOs conspired against him and refused to take the $50 billion because they knew it would mean he would win the 2020 election by a landslide, which BTW, he repeated his claim over and over and over that he won by the biggest landslide margin ever seen in any election in history, but the election stolen from him. The Supreme Court knew he won, but they were cowards. They owed him for all that he had done for them, but they stabbed him in the back anway.

    "Where are the 12 million missing votes that vanished on election night that nobody can find?" he kept asking over and over during the 78 min phone call.

    "You can bet that if they were votes for Biden, they would have found every missing vote, so they must be 12 million votes for Trump from key states like Georgia, Arizona, and Ohio which I won by a landslide, everybody knows that I did".... He claimed the REAL evidence would be released very very soon by Mike Lendel and his crackerjack team of the very best professional election fraud investigators.

    .... He expects to be reinstated as president very very soon, so soon you won't believe. And the longer it takes, is even more evidence that he won, but the Deep state is preventing it from happening.