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Trump's border wall

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    And no one thinks that this must be the most crazy country in the world? I can't imagine that in Europe who got many more refugee's than the US (because of the US instigated wars) that they would separate kids from their parents, let alone put them in tents. They gave them food, clothing and the Dutch even gave them "money" and shelter and sometimes homes.

    But yeah, they will never learn here on how to run an country if you let it run by a zillion lawyers alone with outdated "loopholed" laws which they refuse to update to the twenty'st century. Keep the guns alive, but not the people.

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    Yesterday morning, Judge David Briones in El Paso permanently barred President Trump from using $3.6 billion in military construction funds to pay for a wall along the Mexico border.

    In Arizona, this includes funds for construction contracts on Barry M. Goldwater Range and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge held by BFBC LLC and Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. for a combined total of $528.4 million. These contracts account for 64 miles of construction.

    Separately on Tuesday, the Pentagon’s independent investigations office said it will evaluate the legality of the Trump administration’s use of the military at the U.S. southwestern border. For more than a year, the administration has placed several thousand active-duty troops along the border to perform various missions in connection with President Trump’s campaign to clamp down on illegal entries.

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    I just wonder what will be the "after" consequences; what about the "money" already spend and breach of contract with the builder and what to do with the "unfinished" part and the clean up. If I was the county and the builder I would sue Trump.
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    The Washington Post reported this morning that the border wall needs to have large storm gates open for months to counter flash floods, which allows smugglers and immigrants to enter easily. The same article also reported that the "longest ever" drug smuggling tunnel (between Tijuana and San Diego, was just discovered. The wall was 4,000 feet long, and 70 feet below the surface. Trump's wall, of course, is an enormous waste of money, since as much as 90% of the drugs entering the U.S. come through

    And, of course, a portion of the wall was toppled the other day by high winds, and fell into Mexico.

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    The local Tucson newspaper had a story today about the wall.

    Construction crews are blasting a hill on Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to make way for the border wall. Contractors are building the 30-foot-tall steel wall on the side of the hill as part of a 43-mile project on Organ Pipe and the adjacent Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.

    Organ Pipe is part of the national parks system and was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.

    The Trump administration waived dozens of laws, including those meant to protect the environment, for wall construction along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Since the wall plans were announced, environmental advocates, federal officials and Tohono O’odham officials have raised concerns about the project, such as the destruction of saguaros, the use of water from the aquifer under Organ Pipe, and the impact the wall could have on migrating animals.

    The Department of Defense awarded $891 million in contracts to Southwest Valley Constructors in May to build the border wall on Organ Pipe and Cabeza Prieta, according to the Army Corps of Engineers.

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    30-foot-tall steel wall

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    Trump: Just build the fucking wall! Tell the contractors its all been approved or tell them whatever BS they need to hear. When it comes time to pay them, write a bad check, and let the contractors sue the government. It will take over 10 years to get their money, if they ever get any of it. They likely will settle out of court for pennies on the dollar. I've doing that kind of shit for over 30 years. Works every time; it gets the job done, and I never have to pay for anything.

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    wwjd -- Lots of truth in that statement. Trump's credit rating is so bad the banks refuse to lend to him...all except Deutsche Bank and his "foreign investors".

    Trump has an obsession with building this fuckin wall, and no one can seem to stand in his way. It's a campaign promise and his rabid fascist base will be cheering. He is the destroyer president.

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    How many times I have to say that the "system" here is totally f.... up. That is what you get if you only manipulate antique laws and don't update those to the times. How is it possible that our mafia leader can get plenty of money without anyone blinking or be able to take actions to stop stealing this money? Sorry again this country and its government are an total screw up. As I've said way before make an "operating manual" for Presidents with all the rules and limits he should abide to. You can't even fly an plane without it, let alone an country. But yeah, here they elect some idiot with an idiot election system with lots of money involved and then let the idiot do whatever he likes to do and don't even have an decent thought out system to fire him if he screws up. Nice to invent the word "impeachment" but once there is an so called "trial" then the defence is allowed to invent the wheel again. Shaking my old head.

    I'm totally amazed that this country already lasted this long without any proper laws and rules for our leaders. Right now after Trump got it his way the sky is the limit for him. Is there no shame here at all?

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    Dutch Wrote:

    How many times I have to say that the "system" here is totally f.... up.

    Yes, you have stated that many many times.
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    But likely not enough to wake people here up especially the one's we elect.
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    Dutch -- The members on this website would not be here if they didn't have concerns on the issues of the day. We express our opinions and suggest ideas for making things better. As one of my first supervisors once told me, if you criticize you must be ready to suggest a workable alternative. Much of your criticism is well taken, but the solutions that you suggest such as scrapping our constitution, the electoral college system, etc. and starting all over again are just non-starters.

    We must think within the framework of current reality...the make-up of Congress and the Justice system, the Two party system, our constitution and existing laws, the electability of Democrats to the presidency and Congress, and most of all the people --given the genetically driven hateful and distrusting mindsets of perhaps half the population. Those genes present to varying degrees in all of us since our evolution from our hunter gatherer days -- the Star War movie calls it our "dark side" -- have been largely suppressed through critical thinking and the laws and peer pressure of our societies. Trump has awakened these genes with his hate rhetoric and has shown that it is not that difficult to get them to act as the 21st Century version of the European "brown shirts" or "black shirts". They have the same genetic make-up of our European stock.

    It is frustrating to many of us too see the creeping fascism type worldviews that seem to be contaminating the American psyche, at least as they apply to the Trump supporters, but all we can do as responsible citizens is to work within the framework of our existing laws to see the "mistake" removed from the presidency next November. That mistake is leaving a deep stain in our democracy that will be hard to remove, but it can only be done by the participation of all free thinkers in our society. Bitching about everything doesn't solve the problems. It takes active participation with workable solutions that are realistic to achieve.

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    In January of 2019, Dan Coates, the Director of National Intelligence, released a 42 page report that listed the most credible threats against the United States. Immigrants from Mexico and Central America did not get mentioned until page 41.

    Donnie: we don't need no f*****g wall.

    Naturally, Dan Coates did not last long. The Honorable Joseph Maguire assumed the role of Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) on Aug. 16, 2019. Maguire is our THIRD Director of National Intelligence. Mike Dempsey (Mike who?) lasted from January 20, 2017 to March 16, 2017. At least he lasted longer than "the mooch".

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    Schmidt I came many times with solutions; but I guess this country is stubbornly set in its ways and does not even try to do it the correct way. Look at the "impeachment debacle"; the "forefathers" forgot to write down the process for it. They let McConnell do whatever he wanted; sorry that is the case with a lot of things just like the election process. I don't think the Constitution says you can "gerrymander" or tell an whole block of people you can't vote. Let alone how much money you have to collect to participate in the election. Furthermore, once you become President then there are no stringent guidelines what such person is allowed to do. The excuse is "god" sent him , so he's above the law (also the non -existence laws) which should be applicable for these times, but no one dares to make these laws, because otherwise you can't corrupt the system.

    I guess you agreed that only "votes" should count; so why have "delegates" and an "electoral college". Also stop with making "rules/clauses " only, for an Presidents and family; most are tossed anyway. Make solid laws without loopholes. Trump is now using designated money for other projects and stealing it for his "wall", how is that possible?; then for sure something is wrong with our laws and "governing" the proper way and should be easy to fix. I think 90% of the population will agree with me.

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    The Washington Post this morning published a lengthy article about Trump's border wall:

    It's worthwhile to at least skim the article, but here is a key statement:

    Nearly all of the new fencing the Trump administration has built so far is considered “replacement” fencing, swapping out smaller, older vehicle barriers for a more elaborate — and costly — “border wall system.”

    The data shows the Trump administration is far from delivering on the president’s promise to finish more than 500 miles of new barriers by early next year. Though Trump had insisted Mexico would pay for the project, it has been funded entirely by the U.S. government, at costs that reach nearly $30 million per mile in southern Texas.

    The majority of the money used to build the wall are funds diverted from the military, and not money authorized by Congress.

    Meanwhile. more than 47,000 bridges in the United States are in crucial need of repairs, says the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, or ARTBA. At our current pace, it would take 80 years to repair all of them.

    Trump has said repeatedly that he wants to upgrade America's crumbling infrastructure. Even though some Democratic leaders have expressed a willingness to work with him on a plan, little progress has been made on the issue.

    The American Road & Transportation Builders Association has said it would cost $171 billion to make fixes to 235,000 bridges that need some kind of repair.