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Trump's border wall

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    And no one thinks that this must be the most crazy country in the world? I can't imagine that in Europe who got many more refugee's than the US (because of the US instigated wars) that they would separate kids from their parents, let alone put them in tents. They gave them food, clothing and the Dutch even gave them "money" and shelter and sometimes homes.

    But yeah, they will never learn here on how to run an country if you let it run by a zillion lawyers alone with outdated "loopholed" laws which they refuse to update to the twenty'st century. Keep the guns alive, but not the people.

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    Yesterday morning, Judge David Briones in El Paso permanently barred President Trump from using $3.6 billion in military construction funds to pay for a wall along the Mexico border.

    In Arizona, this includes funds for construction contracts on Barry M. Goldwater Range and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge held by BFBC LLC and Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. for a combined total of $528.4 million. These contracts account for 64 miles of construction.

    Separately on Tuesday, the Pentagon’s independent investigations office said it will evaluate the legality of the Trump administration’s use of the military at the U.S. southwestern border. For more than a year, the administration has placed several thousand active-duty troops along the border to perform various missions in connection with President Trump’s campaign to clamp down on illegal entries.

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    I just wonder what will be the "after" consequences; what about the "money" already spend and breach of contract with the builder and what to do with the "unfinished" part and the clean up. If I was the county and the builder I would sue Trump.