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Trump's border wall

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    I occasionally check the New York Times best seller list to get some ideas on which books to order from the library.

    A recent addition to the list is "Dumpty", by well-known actor John Lithgow.

    Here are the opening lines:

    "Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall

    To stir up a rabid political brawl

    His Republican rivals, both feckless an stodgy

    Succumbed in the end to his rank demagogy

    Dumpty's wall made no earthly sense

    A boondoggle built at enormous expense

    But he promised, in speeches despotic and shrill

    He's make certain that Mexico footed the bill

    Trumpty Dumpty kept insisting

    More and more citizens started resisting

    Sadly, there won't be an end to this tale

    At least until reasonable people prevail"