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Trump's border wall

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    I know we've had discussions about this topic before, but I was not able to pull them up this morning.

    At any rate, the Pentagon just released a list of project that funds will be diverted from so that Donny gets his wall. 55% of the projects are in states that voted for Hillary Clinton. In addition to the states that will lost projects, funding will also be transferred from three territories and 19 countries.

    The cuts would fall especially hard on two U.S. territories: Puerto Rico, which stands to lose $403 million worth of projects, and Guam, which would lose $257 million. Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria’s devastation in 2017 — and its government has come under repeated criticism from Trump, who denounced it last week as “one of the most corrupt places on earth” even as the island was facing a lashing from Hurricane Dorian.

    The five projects in Puerto Rico are primarily to rebuild after severe damage from Hurricane Maria, a senior defense official said.

    The $3.6 billion, taken from 127 projects across the globe, will go toward 11 projects in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, which include both new construction and some fencing replacement. The longest stretch of new pedestrian fencing — about 52 miles — is scheduled for Laredo, Tex., along the Rio Grande.

    Reacting to the Pentagon’s announcement, Democrats assailed what they said was an assault on military readiness and lawmakers from both parties voiced discomfort with what they called an attempt by the White House to subvert their constitutional mandate to set government spending.

    Privately, several Pentagon officials acknowledged that their position was tenuous, since Congress would ultimately have to agree to replace the funds. If Congress does not agree to do that, the projects will be effectively canceled.

    While the Senate agreed to replace the funds that were expected to be removed from military construction, the House refused to do so and included an additional provision that would bar the administration from trying to reallocate funds in the next fiscal year.

    (Note to Nancy Pelosi: you go, girl!)

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    An ancient spring near Lukeville, Arizona has slaked the thirst of desert travelers for centuries, but its days may be numbered as groundwater is pumped to build a 30-foot border wall. Water has bubbled out of the granite at Quitobaquito Springs for thousands of years, making it a key watering hole for the Tohono O’odham, Spanish missionaries, U.S. and Mexican boundary surveyors, and countless other humans and animals.

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    Dumbshit could be either one word (dumbshit) or two (dumb shit) , and it definitely applies to Trump.

    A few days ago, Trump took a trip to the southern border of California. While there, Donald began to divulge some very sensitive information regarding secret technology that’s currently in use to protect the southern border and ultimately turned to the general that was in charge, asking him to elaborate on the situation.

    However, the general present had enough sense to dodge the question and instead of expanding on Trump’s details stated, “Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that.”

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    On CNN they showed what the Nazi and Trump idiot really wanted to do at the border; Trump even asked for the cost. He wanted the same thing as they did with castles in the 15th Century, having an "canal" filled with water all along the border wall and fill this with crocodiles and poisonous snakes. Then on top of that, if they would still cross shoot them in the "legs".

    According to CNN he meant it seriously; if so then indeed he's ready for the "looney" farm. May be he can then make money by raising alligators and snakes. the same as with his "trinket" stores. I guess he drunk too much of his own wine.

    And people still think this is an "sane" country?

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    That's so crazy that I had to look it up. Turns out it is TRUE.

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    After Trump bragged that his wall was “virtually impenetrable,” Rick Weber, co-founder of the Muir Valley rock climbing park in Rogers, Kentucky, organized an event for climbers interested in scaling a replica of the wall. But, of course, at least two people have already ascended Mount Trumpnuts.


    Weber took the President’s claim as a challenge. He says he constructed his own replica of the wall, relying on the wall’s official dimensions as well as recent images of the structure. This weekend, Weber is planning to invite climbers attending the “Rocktoberfest” rock climbing festival at the nearby Red River Gorge canyon system in Kentucky to climb the model. Guests will be challenged to compete to climb up and over the wall in the fastest time.

    Several people have already managed to climb up the wall replica, including 8-year-old Lucy Hancock. Hancock didn’t use any ropes or other tools to climb the wall, but wore a belay, a safety device designed to catch a falling climber. An adult climber, Erik Kloeker, was up and over the wall in about 40 seconds.

    And there you have it. The very expensive wall that shut down the government, debased minorities, and divided the nation is totally useless.

    Ha. Like you didn’t know that already.

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    It's the symbolism of what the wall means to Trump supporters. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work effectively. It is there to be seen as another Trump promise kept. Maybe it will become a shrine of sorts to the Trumpets.

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    Schmidt Wrote: It's the symbolism of what the wall means to Trump supporters. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work effectively. It is there to be seen as another Trump promise kept. Maybe it will become a shrine of sorts to the Trumpets.
    Indeed in the future make that "wall" an kind of Disney land where you can ride camels and pet alligators and have an Inca revival show and dance and fill your tummy with taco's and Inca brew etc. The name should be "Trumps heavenly fun park" in order to please the "evangelicals".
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    In more border news, ACTING Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan has resigned his position to spend more time with his family and pursue a career in the private sector.

    Earlier this month, Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Washington Post why McAleenan was not the best fit for the DHS Secretary.

    “The DHS secretary should be somebody who is completely part of the team, and while McAleenan is not some guerrilla fighter of the resistance, he’s not really totally on board the Trump train,

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    Al Jazeera published an article this morning on how Trump has succeeded in building his border wall - not a physical wall, but a wall consisting of cruel immigration policies:

    The bricks in Trump's border wall take several forms: "metering", which constricts the number of asylum seekers who can apply on any given day; the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols, which require asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while they wait for their cases to be processed, and; the Safe Third Country Agreement, which requires migrants to apply for asylum and get rejected in a country they transit through before seeking asylum in the US.

    The right to seek asylum is a human right, protected in both US and international law. The US needs a government that safeguards that right, not one that constructs policy barriers when so many lives are on the line.

    This is what the United Nations has to say about refugees:

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    Here we go again.

    Democrats say White House demands for $5 billion for Trump's long-sought U.S.-Mexico border wall have led the GOP-controlled Senate to shortchange Democratic domestic priorities. Current stopgap spending authority expires Nov. 21 and another measure will be needed to prevent a shutdown reprising last year's 35-day partial shuttering of the government. All sides want to avert a repeat shutdown, but it can't be entirely ruled out because of the dysfunction and bitterness engulfing Washington these days.

    Last year, Trump forced a government shutdown 3 days before Christmas. Although he actually IS stupid enough to do the same thing this year a week before Thanksgiving, it's more likely that the more rational members of the Republican Party will find a way to prevent it from happening.

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    Looks like an super "deal" to give him that money; so he can strike up his "commission" as he negotiated with the "builder" of "x" billion before he's impeached.

    And you think this country is "number one" (Yes in stupidity); my guess "number 2000" in "brains"!!!

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    The Washington Post reported this morning that folks south of the border, using popular power tools fitted with specialized blades, are defeating the steel bollards, opening gaps large enough for people and drugs to pass through, agents and officials say.

    It's also been reported that an 8 year old climbed OVER a replica of the wall, which would make it the most expensive white elephant in our country's history.

    See the source image

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    I guess people forgot: "Everything Trump touches dies" (or does not work)
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    Democrats could win the messaging on the Trump wall if they worked at it. Show photos of the holes in the wall, people climbing it, the ladders, etc. but also show all the drug busts that happen that have nothing to do with the southern border wall but rather ships, boats, planes and tracks and cars passing through the main gate. And of course "illegals" entering the country on a visa and just overstaying the visa.

    Trump just keeps yelling and yelling and yelling and yelling about the need to "build the wall". Repetition of lies again and again. And the media gives him free coverage.