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Fox News, all liberal, all morning.

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    Arizona, just read my "thread" above yours; it is the "cause and effect" which they will never learn about in this country.

    "Free speech" should be "curbed" and should have "defined limits" as they do all over the world, except here. Amen

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    Dutch Wrote:

    Where are the laws to prevent all of this craziness? It' n't it time to do something about curbing "free speech" especially if run by an Australian owner? There must be a way to bring all the "media" in line to give only "facts" on the news and not act as an "sidearm" of the White House. Sorry but this country is lacking control of itself in lots of area's let alone "guns"

    As I've said many times lots of times an revamp and review is urgently required to set things straight in this country; but our "leaders" seem to close their eyes fully for it. The "media circus" should be "controlled" and "limited " about what they can "spew" into the air. It is done overseas and there they don't have this crazy partisan B.S. as here.

    "Free Speech" can only go so far ; but not as do here to function as an "indoctrination" tool to undermine our few laws and "structured" society. Here it is just an antique "old west" circus, which will be ruining the country forever.


    Back in the "good old days", there was a rule in effect that ensured that networks would only present facts. It was called the Fairness Doctrine.

    During the first year of Reagan's presidency, Walter Cronkite, the "most trusted man in America, retired, after being on air (radio and television) for 44 years.

    Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, and Rush Limbaugh started broadcasting a year later. FOX was started in 1996.

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    So as you wrote and things in the past were noticed and dealt with, is n't it long overdue to "clean up all these "anomalies" in the media and get the lunatics out of the government etc.

    In other words in 1987 they "knew" something was wrong; but now let's stick our heads in the sand?.

    I guess it is now much more urgent then in 1987 to do something; it is now totally a run away train with consequences.

    Yes it is la la land for sure; be proud of it!