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Fox News, all liberal, all morning.

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    What about that?? I heard “Fox news, all liberal, all morning” during a commercial break on TV. Googled and got this:

    Web results

    “And from the left...Fox News

    There's more to Fox News' strategy of hiring liberals than creating a public boxing ... Though MSNBC has a handful of moderate”

    First I heard that. Is that the same as “Fox and Friends”??

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    As of August, FOX was still the rating champ.

    What's more significant, though, is that their ratings in the 25-54 viewing bracket are far less than the ratings for MSNBC or CNN. Shep Smith is one of the few "liberals" at FOX,

    The FOX viewing audience is largely older white people, who are a declining percentage of the American population. This a group that I would call the "albatross generation". They aren't extinct yet, but their numbers are a lot smaller than they use to be. These are the folks who buy Cadillacs and Buicks, which have the oldest owners on average.

    According to Pew Research, the average age for whites in America is 58 years old, while the average age for minorities is 27. There were more 27-year-olds in the United States than people of any other age in 2018.

    If we could get more of the young folks to vote, our country would be a lot different.

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    I googled the above words, “Fox news, all liberal, all morning” to find the source. Nothing. The "Fox News' strategy of hiring liberals" reference is a 2014 article in the Columbia Journalism Review.

    And from the left…Fox News

    Nothing there really except old news. I don't ever remember see Tamara Holder in the spotlight at Fox News. In fact, her bio calls her a "former Fox News journalist".

    Fox News does have a few more liberal leaning journalists, but the term is relative. Shepard Smith is often labeled a "liberal", when he reports the real facts. In fact, when Smith reports the real facts, contradicting Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Fox and Friends, Fox viewers often become infuriated asking for him to removed.

    There's this from September 6th: Shepard Smith calls out Trump on his ‘endless’ fake news

    Juan Williams, an African-American, is also often cited as a liberal journalist for the same reason...sticking to the facts, rather than slavishly promoting the Trump TV propaganda of Hannity, Dobbs and Carlson.

    Chris Wallace also occasionally goes out on a limb contradicting the Trump propagandists, but he is a true conservative.

    It would appear to me that people are confusing honest factual reporting as "liberal media". I guess they are so used to the likes of the Trump propagandists, that they do not really understand real "conservative media reporting" either. There is a distinction.