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Donald Trump: From Bad Businessman to Worst President

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    There's no shortage of articles critical of Trump as you read the Washington Post, New York Times, the Atlantic and other noteworthy media sources. Maureen Dowd writing in the New York Times opinion column calls "Trump's most defining qualities...on display in this fight: mercurial, vindictive, deceptive, narcissistic, blame-shifting and nepotistic. She writes that as "commander in chief, Cadet Bone Spurs is bringing up the rear" and is "unprepared to lead". His administration is the "clown car".

    Dowd, of course, is noted for her sharp criticisms of presidents and candidates and none have been spared, but Donald Trump is in a league of his own -- not even rising to the status of "bush league". Several publications over the past three years have dubbed Trump the "worst president ever".