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Donald Trump: From Bad Businessman to Worst President

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    There's no shortage of articles critical of Trump as you read the Washington Post, New York Times, the Atlantic and other noteworthy media sources. Maureen Dowd writing in the New York Times opinion column calls "Trump's most defining qualities...on display in this fight: mercurial, vindictive, deceptive, narcissistic, blame-shifting and nepotistic. She writes that as "commander in chief, Cadet Bone Spurs is bringing up the rear" and is "unprepared to lead". His administration is the "clown car".

    Dowd, of course, is noted for her sharp criticisms of presidents and candidates and none have been spared, but Donald Trump is in a league of his own -- not even rising to the status of "bush league". Several publications over the past three years have dubbed Trump the "worst president ever".

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    It's obvious by now that Trump has been violating the emoluments clause for almost the entirety of his presidency.

    I did some research this morning to see if there were any penalties for violating the clause, and there are.

    The American Constitution Society said that the only remedy is impeachment.

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court threw out the emoluments case against Trump. The court instructed the lower courts to wipe away previous lower court opinions that went against Trump because he is no longer in office.

    Based on the violations cited in the Mueller report, the House could have brought 10 impeachable charges against Trump. Wisely, the House decided on the KISS approach (keep it simple, stupid) so they only brought two - and they still only got one senator to agree to convict on one of the counts.

    The same principle applies to the emolument violations. Sure, he's guilty, but he has ALREADY been impeached (again) and further legal proceedings would be a waste of time.

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    Gradually, Trump's toxic name is being removed from properties.

    The city of New York is planning to re-name his golf course in the city, and some condo buildings dropped his name a while ago.

    The latest example is the old Post Office building in D.C.

    The General Services Administration just announced the sale of the lease on the property to CGI Merchant Group, who will be re-naming the property as a Waldorf-Astoria.

    Although the hotel struggled financially during most of the Trump’s time in office due to his controversial brand, the lease is expected to sell to CGI for $375 million, well beyond most experts’ estimates of what the property is worth. A sale at that price would deliver Trump an estimated profit of more than $100 million, according to analyses by industry analysts

    Should he complete the sale, Trump would have to repay Deutsche Bank $170 million he borrowed to build the project. On top of the roughly $3 million he has been paying the GSA annually in base rent, the lease also stipulates that Trump pay a small share of the purchase price to GSA.

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    He held again an "rally" in Georgia; he obvious has not learned anything and blames the Dem's for everything, may be he should date the fat lady of the Supreme court judge Thomas. What does he care about the poor children and women in the Ukraine. It is "me, me, me only. I guess he closed his ears when Biden gave an "speech" in Poland.

    What a country that such person as Trump is free to lie and lie and lie freely. Freedom of speech is the noose around this countries neck.

    He also said, that if he would have been elected the Ukraine "disaster" never would have happened . Indeed he lives in Trump la la land as so many here.

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    Every time Trump goes to Georgia, I think of this song:

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    In an interview with JustTheNews, Trump pushed an unproven claim about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Russia, and asked Putin to release any information that he might have about the situation. It’s not clear that any material exists, or if the Kremlin has access to it.

    “I would think Putin would know the answer to that,” Trump said, referring to Hunter Biden’s potential dealings in Russia. “I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.”

    Trump is obsessed with Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. But the fact that he would reach out now to his buddy Vlad in the midst of an unpopular war with Ukraine shows how his one-track mind works. Trump deals in dirt, threats and intimidation.

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    However the GOP still lives in la la land and still "loves" this idiot. Including the "wife" of an Supreme Court member.

    It is time that this country comes to their senses and elect "qualified" people and not "kid's who barely came out their diapers and live in a wheelchair. I guess you know who I mean. The same applies for Abbott of TX.

    I often ask myself how it is possible to have such an whole bunch of "unqualified" GOP idiots in the government. There must be something wrong in the "election" process. I guess if you have already "dumb asses" sitting there, then automatically they elect even more "dumb asses". Sorry to say no wonder nothing is "normal" here in "governing". Either start over or get an revolution or just keep going with the outdated (seldom up-dated) 1800's shit and create even more "lawyers" who are only "money hungry" but know nothing about the reality of life on this tiny planet and only play with "words only" and "collect".