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Donald Trump: From Bad Businessman to Worst President

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    Trump's ties to Saudi Arabia are a lot closer than you think.

    For one thing, the Saudi government purchased the entire 45th floor of the Trump Tower in 2001. After he turned the Trump Princess back to his creditors, it was purchased by a Saudi prince who is a stake holder in Trump's Plaza Hotel. After his inauguration, the Saudi government “spent $190,273 at the Trump hotel [in Washington D.C.] in early 2017, as well as an additional $78,204 on catering,” according to The New York Times.

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    From a National Review article in 2016: Trump, Lies, and Bankruptcy

    "He borrowed too much money, at rates he could not afford. And in much the same way that he has contemplated putting his abortion-loving sister on the Supreme Court, he made his then-wife, Ivana, president of the Plaza. Once again, Trump was unable to make his debt-service payments. Once again, he lost much of his ownership stake — 49 percent went to Citibank — and, once again, he found himself having to run for the doors as parties with deeper pockets and more managerial acumen took over to clean up his mess. In the case of the Plaza, that was CDL Hotels International, of Singapore, and Prince Walid bin Talal, of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi prince laments that he was twice forced to “bail out” Donald Trump, whom he describes as a “disgrace to the United States.”"

    I bolded that last line. As I wrote in my blog post, it appears that the Saudis need Trump to succeed, and therefore keep sending business his way. If Trump fails as president, the Saudis can be caught holding Trump's loans that could become worthless if he declares bankruptcy after his presidency is over. Trump, in return, treats the Saudi government kindly giving them everything they want politically and militarily. "I scratch your scratch mine." However, maybe it's more about the politics and military toys for the Saudis than the actual money.

    In summary, that's the way it works with Trump the businessman and now Trump the president. The Saudis and Trump need each other, and the Saudis are willing to trade money for political gain. You could say the same about Putin and Russia...the Russian oligarchs are there to loan Trump money for Putin's political gain. Both the Russians and the Saudis "own" Trump....their puppet on a string.

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    Yes Schmidt, your last para says it all;, Indeed the stupid people here just keep on sleeping and go bravely to church and don't care if he's an puppet of both Russia and the Saudi's. The next one will be China and may be Boris. They are working at it. Yes Humpty Dumpty can't be fixed not even with super glue. La la land for sure, with the worst antique outdated laws ever compared to other well run countries.
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    At least 22 foreign powers have spent money at Trump-owned properties to curry favor with the administration. Unlike past presidents, Trump refused to divest from his businesses, so those foreign dollars land in his bank account. Now he’s talking about hosting the multi-million dollar G7 Summit at a Trump-owned property. Foreign officials would have to cut massive checks to him personally in order to attend.

    Trump and his family are using their government positions to funnel foreign cash into their pockets. It’s unethical, it’s illegal, and it’s grounds for impeachment. The House has opened a formal impeachment inquiry. We need every member of Congress to speak up in support of it and make sure Trump is held accountable

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    Trump has said that he always hires "the best people".

    A story from NPR in April revealed that an 18-year White House employee told congressional investigators that she and other career staffers denied security clearances for 25 Trump administration officials, including three "very senior" officials, only to see most of those recommendations overturned.

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    Yes but there is much more; loves dictators; loves "tariffs" on others; ruins our national parks; scolds all our "partners"; Only wants people around him who are "loyal" to him and adore him whatever nonsense comes from his mouth.

    Has no respect for any "living" thing except himself; no respect for nature; the environment etc.

    Has only respect for himself and his "wallet"

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    Trump actually seems to get crazier by the day.

    This morning, he held a cabinet meeting that quickly dissolved into 71 minutes of grievances.

    “The Democrats went crazy,” Trump said, commenting on criticism that he was using the presidency to enrich himself. “You don’t think I get enough promotion? I get more promotion than every human being that has ever lived. I don’t need promotion. It would have been the greatest G-7 ever.

    “You people with this phony Emoluments Clause,” Trump said, commenting on the clause in the Constitution that bars federal officials from taking emoluments, or forms of payment or profit, from any “king, prince or foreign state” as an ethics guideline.