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What’s it take to see the problem???

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    Working class making less money. Recession looming and Trump making it worse. Violence growing every where in poverty areas. Trump is probably the least respected leader in the world. Stock market is overpriced and the only thing holding off the imminent crash is the daily influx of money from huge retirement funds. A crash will hurt almost everybody. Now is the time to start campaigning for the only two hopes for the future. Worse possible candidate is Biden. Best possible candidate is Sanders. If there is a crash before the election Trump will immediately call for Marshall Law automatically making him the Dictator. The Trump experience should be all the warning that is needed to immediately institute a rapidly accelerating tax code. After 10 million dollars the rate should accelerate progressively to 98%. Democracy does not exist when private citizens can buy the laws they want.
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    Gallup agrees with you. Here are a few key paragraphs from the link below:

    This year marks a significant change in our trends. Only 30% of the world, on average, approves of the job performance of the U.S.’s leadership, down from 48% in 2016. In fact, more people now disapprove of U.S. leadership than approve. This historic low puts the U.S.’s leadership approval rating on par with China’s and sets a new bar for disapproval.

    After Obama took office, approval ratings of U.S. leadership jumped 15 percentage points and earned higher ratings than Germany, China and Russia in most years, except for a few when it tied with Germany. U.S. numbers fell about midway through Obama’s presidency, but they rebounded, and he finished his second term with ratings similar to those at the start of his first.

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    that guy in AZ,

    I am totally puzzled by a lack of reaction to indicators by the country in general. Trump has destroyed whatever respect and honor the office of Presidency has/had. The country has been in a downward spiral with the attack against regulations. It has left the working class with a declining income, is destroying education and I say increasing crime and violence. Trump has a gang that he can count on and they seem to revel and enjoy his outlaw actions. The reaction to any movement to restore opportunity and fairness is an appeal to moderation and centrism. I am convinced that Trump bought into the legitimate and caring public with his tax cut. The validation to Trump's wayward ways can be seen in Bill Gates" graduation speech where he said: "Life is not fair, get used to it". What worries me most is that Trump does not need that many new votes to win. With his base support he can raid the rest of the country with "Healthcare for all whether people can pay", lots of good paying jobs will appeal to the rust belt states and others suffering stagnant wages and Unaffordable Health Care and Make America Great Again (He will appeal to being attacked by Democratics and Fake news). It doesn't matter that none of what he says is true because he only has to convince a few disillusioned people that he can carry on. He doesn't need that many key votes to win. The key to beating Trump is not attacking and criticising him. That plays into his hand. Trump still has that misunderstood and denied power of Charisma to carry him through to victory. The way to defeat Trump is to patronize him promising to carry out his promises in a far better and universal manner.

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    Chet; I think that quite a few other elements play a role. If you look at statistics, then you quickly see who "hangs" on him. it is mostly the "uneducated bunch" in the rural area's. They are not schooled in an "balloon" view of the world nor what sustains life on this planet; let alone the "how" and the "why". Good paying jobs does not change their "thinking" because likely they are "educated" by the church and FOX news. So what do you expect?

    An "promise" from Trump or the "priest" is the same for them; they don't know better. Thinking is an "art"; indoctrination is not.

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    Dutch, Point is he can count on them and more like them. It is ridiculous now for him to win like it was ridiculous for him to win in 16. He has a defined pledged support voting group now. The big mistake in 16 appears to be the same now. He can’t win so no need to look at how to beat him. Trump has an undefined but compelling attraction to certain people. He did everything that would have cost anybody else to lose many times over in 16. He is doing the same now. Don’t forget that if he is the candidate he will have republican support. Add that to his base and he is a formidable candidate. The biggest counter Trumps are Warren and Sanders. As I said earlier Biden is running to the right of what Hillary lost with in 16.