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    In June of 2018, Trump announced the creation of a sixth branch of the military, to be called the "space force". After his announcement, he directed Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, to work out the details. The Air Force did not immediately have a statement in response to the announcement, and directed all questions to the office of the secretary of defense. Since the resignation of "mad dog" Mattis in December of 2018, we have had TWO acting secretaries of defense, one of whom (Mark Spencer) just got confirmed on July 23.

    Trump seems to forget, though, there is one BIG problem with "the space force".

    It's illegal.

    In 1967, 109 countries signed the Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits military apparatus in space. Eventually, Trump will become aware of this - and he is not going to be happy.

    Once this hare-brained idea is killed, what's the next step?

    The "ice force", of course.

    Since he can't buy Greenland (where we actually DO have an airbase), he'll want to establish a military presence in Antarctica, which ALSO was mad illegal by the Arctic Treaty System of 1959. Prior to that time, we actually DID have a military presence in Antarctica. It was called Project High Jump.It started on August 26, 1946, and it ended in February, 1947.

    Since Trump has pulled out of the Trans Pacific agreement, the Iran treaty, NAFTA, and the Intermediate Defense Treaty, he likely is not too concerned the fact that his "space force" is illegal. As long as the adults are in charge in the House, though, he is not going to get any funding for it.

    If he REALLY wants a "space force", he' going to have to hire Darth Vader.

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