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Wildlife protection

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    The total idiot wants to get rid of the Wildlife protection act for protected species like eagles etc. Of course then his sweet sons can kill kill anything what moves, especially in Africa; beautiful leopards etc. and have them brought back to their mansions for display. This whole family is only out to ruin this planet; and people here elect these "criminals" to run this country into the ground. If there is no respect for wildlife, then there is also no respect for humanity.

    Sorry people this country is getting sicker by the day.

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    All if this is of course part of the "gun lobby" ; the "hunters" will love Trump for it and vote for him, who cares about "nature"; "polluting" and "killing" is so much more fun. An sick country for sure with even more sick leaders.
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    Carl Safina, New York Times: The New Threat to Endangered Species? The Trump Administration

    Quoting Safina's NYT opinion article: "Until now, the principal existential threats to free-living species have included urbanization, expanding intensive agriculture, pesticides, plastics, river pollution, dams, invasive species and the three “overs”: overcutting, overhunting, overfishing. Now we can add to that list President Trump, his administration and complicit Republicans in Congress."

    The Trump administration's new rules and gutting of existing regulations will potentially open the way for mining, oil and gas drilling and other developments that will play havoc with our ability to protect endangered animals and plants from extinction.

    You can read more at Safina's article at the above link. It just makes me soo angry.