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bang up job!

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    The Don and that Orwellian World of Stupid are very talented at promoting the bright and shining fantasy that America's financial situation is the best and most prosperous on the planet.

    There are a few facts about America's economy that Trump and those Orwellian nitwits are neglecting to mention such as a 22 trillion debt, thousands of corporations and businesses are either downsizing or have gone bankrupt and Walt Streets Ponzi scams are about to implode.

    The housing market is going south since fewer and fewer Americans can afford to buy or rent because of low wages, student debt, loss of good paying jobs and excessive increases in mortgages and rent.

    The only Americans and foreigners who are benefiting from Trump's bright and shining fantasy are the 1% who own most of the wealth in this country which means most Americans cannot afford to buy the products the corporations and businesses are selling.

    That 2 year budget busting bill just passed by that US Oligarchy reveals once again who that Oligarchy is representing and most of those tax dollars are going to the Military Industrial Complex and that fascist deep state so these biggest death dealers on the planet can build more nuclear weapons, weapons for war to be sold all over the world and also for an insane star wars plan, meanwhile America continues to physically deteriorate, climate change creates horror disasters all over the planet, homelessness in America continues to grow at an alarming rate and Americans trying to survive on that poverty stricken $7.25 find it is not possible.

    The world's nations have become fed up with Trump's trade wars, destruction of treaties and economies if he doesn't get his way the result of this fools destructive policies is that other nations are setting up other world currencies to rely on since investing in a disintegrating dollar has become sheer folly and when the dollar goes so goes America's faultiering economy and if the goal of those vulture Capitalists due to their insatiable greed is to destroy America's economy they are doing a bang up job of it!

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    Yes Connie; your story is kind of "rough" but has got a lot of truth in it. Indeed if you look at the total picture of this country right now, then it is clear that this can't end well, unless we can change the tide. As I've written many times, it is the broken system here on how we elect our leaders. The refusal to properly "vet" them in an broken corrupted election system with billions of money injected, can't ever provide the leaders which this country needs. We were just lucky to get Obama, because he at least did have decency and manners as well did not rob the treasury as people like Trump do.

    The fault lies within the "system" which has been screwed up by greedy lawyers and incompetence all over, due to the lack of education in this country. Trump barely went to school; daddy gave him millions and the stupid people here elected this mafia criminal because the system allows this. All of this is an self inflicted wound, because in Washington there is no decency, pride and discipline let alone "educated" people who represent the country. Yes, this country is going to hell, if they keep going in this direction. Amen

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    Connie, It is the fulfillment of a thousand year plan to create a ruling aristocracy. The top % never loses anything. If there is a complete meltdown of the financial system the top % will end up owning everything. So the people that are cheering for a meltdown may be few but they are the most powerful.