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    The flagpole at the entrance to our subdivision has flown at half mast numerous times this year. Apparently, there are rules that govern when it should be at half mast.

    If it were flown at half mast every time there was a mass shooting in our country. it would ALWAYS be at half mast.

    So far this year, there have been 225 mass shootings,

    • More than 17,000 people in the US have died so far in 2021 from gun-related violence.
    • The US is on track to have more shootings in 2021 than any recent year on record.

    Naturally, GOP legislators around the country want to make it EASIER to own a gun.

    Bramhall's editorial cartoon for Friday, May 28, 2021.

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    The number of shootings is an reflection/barometer of the "status" of this country. It is clear that this country is in an state of "direction loss" also created by the Covid deaths and the "behind" the "screens" unrest created by an Trump Party in turmoil. The whole country is nervous and without "direction". So they show their frustrations by means of getting their guns out of the closet.

    Again the lack of proper laws and guidance as well "lack" of proper education is the cause. Just keep sticking to an 2 party system, of which one party has gone "awol"and lost all sense of reality in this world. Just keep going on this track, then success is assured, ask the Pope and he in turn can ask Jesus. What a country!

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    An Judge in CA declared that "guns" like the AR15 are not worse than an Army knife. I guess another Trumper without brains. Why is this Judge still in function?

    Just today another Trumper tried to get into the cockpit of an Delta plane, luckily he got cuffed and dragged out of the plane after it made an unscheduled landing. Lately the aggression in this country is getting out of hand, thanks to the Trump Party attitude.

    Aggression and "guns" or "knifes" don't solve this country's problems.

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    Looking at the "mental" state of this country and the "chaos" it is in, I don't see any "clarity" on the horizon of an solution.

    Due to the fact our "lousy" Federal laws in managing 50 unmanageable States with non-uniform "laws" as well, no wonder that over time the "house of cards" collapses. Thank the zillion lawyers and partisan judges for all of this. As long as Judges think an AR15 is just an "Army folding knife" which is used to peel an apple, then this country is beyond saving.

    Do me a favor and give it back to the Indians. It will also stop the "pollution" (of the air and "weed" brains) Amen.