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cars and guns

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    Some of the more zealous 2nd amendment folks have facetiously suggested that we ban cars because they kill people, but that is a false equivalency to guns.

    Cars are designed to provide transportation.

    Guns are designed to kill.

    The reason that auto deaths have gone down steadily since the peak year of 1972 is due to:

    (1) safer automobiles

    (2) better enforcement of drunk driving laws

    (3) better designed roads

    (4) all drivers are required to be licensed and insured *

    (5) drivers can lose their license to drive for various violations.

    In contrast, an individual who wants to buy a gun:

    (1) does not have to pass a background check to verify his eligibility to buy a gun at gun shows or in a private sale.

    (2) In most states, he is not required to go through training before buying a gun

    (3) he is not required to purchase insurance

    (4) red flag laws (which would take away guns from dangerous people) do not exist in many states.

    (5) in many states (like Arizona) are not even required to have a permit to own a bgun

    On top of that, gun manufactures (unlike car manufacturers) cannot be sued if their product causes injury or death.

    * The first state to issue a drivers license was New York, in 1901. It was not until 1959, that all states required driver's licenses, and for many years, many states did not even require drivers to go through an exam.

    Supposedly, Mitch McConnell is suddenly interested in passing gun legislation- but don't hold your breath.

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    Since most GOP members are immersed in the second amendment, I really don't see how they'll pass any new legislation, they'll claim it's a violation of a citizen's privacy to pass red flag laws.
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    As I've said so many times; it says nowhere in the "second amendment" that "civilians" can own guns. It says "militia" can own guns. Thus hang all the lawyers who are complicit in all the killings. Amen
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    I think the second amendment should either be abolished or amended itself, they did it before for prohibition, they can do it now for gun laws, but congress is too unwilling, they're afraid if they do, it'll affect their reelection chances.
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    The only thing that will stop this kind of mass shooting violence is removing all guns. Removing all guns would probably precipitate another kind of violence. Don't be reassured that the number of gun owners has gone down. It is probably a lot more than polling can account for.