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justice for Trump supporters

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    It's obvious by now that Trump inspires a lot of hateful behavior. On rare occasions, though, some of the bad guys actually get the punishment they deserve, which is the case of the Florida man who mailed pipe bombs to prominent Democrats last year.

    57 year old Cesar Sayoc, who was obsessed with Donald Trump, just got sentenced to 20 years in prison. He blamed a life of mental illness, a childhood sexual assault he suffered at a boarding school, excessive use of steroids and his failure to listen to his mother, "the love of my life."

    His actions, however, were triggered by Trump's rhetoric. Strangely, the bombs were purposely designed not to explode.

    In letters to the judge, Sayoc has said he abused steroids for more than four decades and was using 274 different supplements and vitamins along with "heavy amounts of steroids" before his arrest.

    He was living in his van when arrested in late October.

    Explaining his crimes, he said he was never political until he was looking at Facebook on his phone one day when "Donald J. Trump popped up ..."

    He likened attending a Trump rally to a newfound drug.

    "I was getting so wrapped up in this new found fun drug," he said in one handwritten letter.

    Here is what his van looked like:

    See the source image

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    White nationalists and white supremacists were charged and convicted in the Charlottesville death and inciting violence too recently.
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    It's not an exaggeration to say that a lot of Trump supporters are not very smart people - and another example of that popped up this morning.

    A Pennsylvania woman married to a member of an FBI task force has been charged in the Capitol riot.

    Jennifer Heinl, 55, of Ross Township was arrested Thursday and charged with several federal crimes, including violent entry and disorderly conduct.

    Her husband, Michael Heinl, is a detective in the Shaler Police Department and part of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Pittsburgh.

    Heinl did not support his wife’s actions and is a “valued member” of his department, Police Chief Sean Frank told WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh. Heinl filed divorce papers a month after the riot.

    Heinl pleaded with his wife not to travel to Washington for the rally, Frank told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “His wife was a part of that situation,” Frank said. “He didn’t condone it.”

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    There's a few threads on this site about Trump supporters.

    For starters, it's worthwhile to read the comments on this thread.

    This morning, the Washington Post published a story about another crazy Trump supporter.

    The case underscores the dramatic rise in domestic terrorism driven by right-wing extremists and raises concerns about those who participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection plotting new attacks. Domestic attacks peaked in 2020, mostly driven by white-supremacist, anti-Muslim and anti-government extremists. Those far-right attacks have killed 91 people since 2015, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

    For weeks this spring, 28-year-old Seth Aaron Pendley had plotted an attack on Amazon data centers in Virginia. He’d already taken a sawed-off rifle to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Now, he hoped to cripple much of the Internet and take down government networks.

    Last April, he finally arranged a meeting with a man promising to provide the C-4 explosive devices. When they met in Fort Worth, Tex., the man showed Pendley how to arm and detonate the powerful bombs.

    But just as Pendley placed the devices into his Pontiac, federal agents swarmed in and arrested him. The bomb seller was actually an FBI plant who had helped unravel a plan Pendley believed could “kill off about 70 percent of the internet.”

    On Wednesday, Pendley pleaded guilty to planning to bomb Amazon facilities in an attempt to undermine the U.S. government and to spark a rebellion against the “oligarchy” he believed to be running the country.

    Under his plea agreement, Pendley faces between five and 20 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000, and three years of probation and will be banned from owning firearms.

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    The only thing I can add, is that due to this country's structure and mismanagement as well that the schools here don't teach the kids what the world is all about around this "island", and on how to behave in an society with an mixture of people from every corner of the world. By adopting the British way of "governing" then this country is asking for "chaos", especially with an two party system who don't get along. Neither does an Constitution help if it "barely" like, was not updated to the times we live in. I calls this "loophole" country!

    Case laws only create even more chaos but no solutions; the "system" here creates all the chaos in such way that "billionaires" don't pay any taxes. So in other words we are not any better than any Russian "oligards", because the "rich" can do as they like and influence "governing" to suit it their way, which in turn makes this another S. American "banana republic".

    But yeah, no one has the guts to take an huge broom and clean up the mess here. So we will muddle on until the "bottom" falls out. Of course "bitcoin" will save our ass for sure; what an great deviation tactic to make the mess even bigger. Wow, shaking my old head!!