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the dangers of organized religion

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Jerry Falwell Jr. has sued Liberty University, the evangelical school co-founded by his father that he led for more than a decade before resigning in August after a series of personal scandals.

    Falwell claims Liberty damaged his reputation, alleging the university accepted without verifying what he called false statements made by a man who had an affair with Falwell’s wife and attempted to extort the couple, according to the complaint.

    Falwell’s departure in August generated shock waves because of his stature in parts of the evangelical world. Liberty has long been a power center for conservative Christians, and Falwell’s endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 was seen as a pivotal moment for the candidate, one of the earliest signs of support from a prominent evangelical leader.

    Granda, a former pool attendant, alleged he was involved in a nearly seven-year-long affair with the couple in which he had sex with Becki Falwell while Falwell Jr. watched and sometimes recorded. Becki Falwell acknowledged the affair to The Washington Post, but both she and her husband denied that Falwell Jr. was involved.

    Falwell’s 2016 endorsement of Trump came not long after Michael Cohen, who was then Trump’s personal attorney, said he helped the Falwells cover up compromising photos.

    I saw that. I was amused. Falwell, Jr is much like Donnie. He has major daddy issues. He went into the family business because he saw an easy opportunity. He stepped all over his johnson (so to speak) and now wants some more of the gravy train hoping that Liberty U will pay him to go away. They deserve each other.