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El Paso Mass Shooting

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    In the wake of these two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, Trump stated in the day of or after that he was for background checks.

    Yesterday, 08/20/2019, Trump received a phone call from La Pierre,

    La Pierre: Is this Donald?

    Trump: yes, this is president Trump.

    La Pierre: Donald, we don't need no stinking background checks, understand?

    Trump: I agree, I don't want background checks either.

    La Pierre: Okay Don, just so we understand each other, it's good you're on the same page as I am. Have a good night.

    Trump: thank you, you do the same.

    Click, ringtone.

    According to a doctor at Del Sol hospital who treated gunshot victims of El Paso, he stated that he thought mass shootings were an epidemic, and it's not a matter of IF, but When the next mass shooting happens.

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    Hundreds gather at church for blessing ceremony featuring AR-15s

    UPDATED ON: FEBRUARY 28, 2018 / 3:48 PM / AP