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Humanity on the move

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    Throughout the world nations are trying to deal with the unstoppable flow of human beings seeking a life free of starvation, drought, war, murderous dictatorships and drug gangs.

    That Orwellian World of Ignorance (America's corrupt corporate mass news media) refuses to enlighten the American people as to why this enormous human tragedy continues all over the world.

    There are many factors that have created these mass migrations and one main reason has been the war policies and overthrown of legitimate governments around the world by that warmongering Oligarchy in Wash DC over generations and replacing these governments with murderous, tyrannical, corrupt dictatorships that destabilized countries all over the world and right now the peoples of central America are choosing to leave their homelands and migrate to America the very country that destroyed their countries.

    While wars caused by vulture Capitalist death dealers all over the planet is a big factor causing these migrations the main reason is being ignored by the imbeciles who own America's mass media and that main reason is climate change.

    Any greedy, stupid or corrupt capitalist or politician who is preventing America from dealing effectively with climate change should be charged with crimes against humanity.

    To illustrate how effective that Orwellian World is at keeping the American people ignorant, lied to, uninformed, misinformed and totally in the dark Americans are not aware that their government has been committing one of the most horrific war crimes in human in history in Yemen for 4 years and France has been involved in a revolution for 6 months and Americans still believe the Russians influenced the 2016 election.

    Americans should be watching for what is really going on in the nation and around the world on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now or RT.

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    Connie, All I can say at least about this country, that the fault lies with the "system". Each time when there are elections coming up then the "corruption "peaks" because no one wants to make it an "honest election". It seems that everyone enjoys and profits from the "corruption" surrounding it. You need only a couple of things to straighten it out as follows:

    1) Get rid of the "electoral college', as well get "uniform "ballots" and "voting" equipment which can't be hacked or manipulated. With "paper" trail.

    2) Do proper "vetting" and design an "vetting manual" in order to get an"professional" process and not the Micky Mouse show we have now all the time.

    3) Get the money out of elections; no more PAC's, put an "cap" on the amount of every candidate, what he or she can spent or obtain. The per person amount of donation can never be higher than $ 250 (as example) in order to cut out the "billionaires"

    4) The education of anyone running should be as "broad" as possible, especially in the field of "worldwide" experience.

    If not done as is advised above, then add this country to the list of "has been "countries. Amen