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Iran's neighbors

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    Trump's wars of aggression, his destroying of treaties and using the dollar as a weapon to destroy other countries economies has created a planet moving closer and closer to a world war which reveals just how crazy Trump really is.

    Iran has felt the full brunt of this lunatics destructive policies and with war criminal neighbors like Israel and Saudi Arabia creating all kinds of fabricated violent incidents to get that war mongering Oligarchy in Wash Dc to attack Iran it is no wonder why Iran wants nuclear weapons

    England as Trump's best war stooge (remember Tony Blair?) has hijacked an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraitar reliving their historic piracy tendencies and the Bank of London has stolen billions from the Venezuela government.

    The European Union is revealing its spineless, gutless approach to upholding the 2015 Iranian nuclear arms treaty by refusing to set up an alternative working financing system for Iran and the Europeans will pay dearly if their inaction leads to war.

    It seems the only way Iran can be safe from that axis of evil; that warmongering Oligarchy in Wash DC , the war criminals in Israel and Saudi Arabia is to develop nuclear weapons.

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    One of Iran's neighbors, Gibraltar, just refused a request from the United States to seize an Iranian tanker. Gibraltar says US sanctions on Iran are not applicable in European Union.