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The Boeing dilemma

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    Ralf Nader was on CNBC, he said the same thing as I've said all the time; the stock market analyst's are using "corrupt" tactics to drive up stocks, regardless of what is happening; their management is likely "coached " by Trump cronies.

    The picture for Boeing is not rosy at all, because of the following: The claims for the 737 Max are astronomical; first of all the claims for the victims of the 2 aircraft which crashed, then the produced aircraft which are now parked all over the place on their lots for which they don't receive any payments, furthermore the penalties for the delivered planes which can't generate revenue for the operators. Then the suppliers who want their money. As well lots of other claims of contract breaches. etc.

    All the expected claims can go on for years; they try to reserve 500 million for the claims; but that won't be sufficient at all also according Nader. Thus how was it possible that the stock was raised by analyst's is an total miracle. Nader says the stock should drop to at least $200 a share or less. All of this smells like another corruption in the make.

    Question; Please tell me what is not corrupt in this country?

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    I don't see how Boeing is keeping their heads above water. Grounding the 737 Max and airlines will be hurting as the holiday season approaches, they going to be losing a lot of revenue. Ticket prices might even take a hike. Trump didn't help with this situation either, he should've kept his big trap shut. I hope Boeing can fix those problems with the MAX quickly.

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    Boeing is getting ready to shell out millions of $$$$$.
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    Another 737 crashed in Indonesia dropped from more than 3000ft in a minute into the sea; I guess no survivors.

    It was an older type not the "Max".